PURE Digital – Digitheatre Platinum review

stunning speaker setup
Photo of PURE Digital – Digitheatre Platinum

There’s something incredibly exciting about a brand new set of speakers, especially a hefty package like this; a full 5.1 home cinema speaker kit from PURE (which used to be Videologic). The raw anticipation is monumental, as you lug it out of the box, spraying polystyrene everywhere, settling the big sub-woofer on the floor, flicking the “on” switch and listening to that ominous, low hum, crackling with potential power. Oh yes. Or maybe we’re just a bit sad (or indeed a lot).

The Digitheatre Platinum consists of five speakers; four identical satellites (two front and two rear) and a centre speaker, complemented by a chunky sub-woofer. An amp is built into the sub and it offers Dolby Digital 5.1 support, as well as DTS (which is superior still, featuring 20-bit encoding over and above the usual 16-bit audio). Power-wise, the system is rated at 220 Watts RMS (with each speaker putting out 30W and the sub 70W).

It’s a looker too. The sleek silver satellites are extremely compact and despite being a little plasticky they kick out a lot of sound – more on this in a moment. Of course, the sub-woofer is large, but it can be hidden away anywhere as its placement doesn’t matter (the low end bass effects being completely non-directional).

Not only is the Digitheatre Platinum stylishly compact, it’s also very easy to set up. The speakers are plugged in via standard cables and the centre speaker is hooked up to the sub via a serial cable. Two digital inputs are available – one optical and one coaxial – and an analogue input too, meaning you can attach your DVD, X-Box or PC, and TV. With the PC, you’ll need a digital output on your sound card.

All well and good so far, and the large RMS wattage figures sound impressive, but how does it actually perform? In a word, brilliantly. It’s loud. Damned loud. And it doesn’t distort until you’ve cranked it up to almost top volume.

The sound produced is very well rounded and superb for home cinema, audio CDs and video games alike. It feels very “alive” and fills the room impressively. This “full” overall sound is complemented with quality deep bass and this in particular made our X-Box games sound cinematic – awesome stuff.

About the only sonic weak spot we pin-pointed was that at high volumes, some higher pitched notes made the centre speaker rattle a little. This only happened once in our tests though, so it’s not a big worry.

Other minor complaints include the LCD display built into the centre speaker – the black text on blue is practically unreadable at a distance. There’s also the logistical side of connecting this system to your PC. In a small study room, a ‘five plus one’ setup isn’t very practical, though if you have the space and a digital output on your sound card, cinematic gaming sound is going to prove just too tempting. There’s no going back to your twenty pound desk satellites once you’ve heard this!

Company: PURE Digital

Contact: 01923 260511

The PURE Digital Digitheatre Platinum kicks out a fantastically well rounded, room-filling sound, backed up by some thumping bass from the sub-woofer. Distortion is kept to a minimum and you can tell these are quality speakers, even if superficially they do seem a little light and plasticky. Of course this system isn't cheap, but its pound per decibel value is actually very good, and it will certainly bring an excellent new cinematic level of sound to your DVDs, CDs and video games. And seriously annoy your neighbours.