Pure Sirocco 550 review

Micro hi-fi system with internet radio and Wi-Fi
Photo of Pure Sirocco 550

Pure’s latest micro hi-fi seems to have it all. The Sirocco 550 offers digital DAB and analogue FM radio, a CD player, iPod dock, USB flash drive slot, alarm clock and Wi-Fi for access to internet radio via Pure’s Lounge. There’s an aux-in connector too, so you can plug in MP3 players and other inputs, plus a 3.5mm input – and the Sirocco 550 can even act as a network attached media player.

Format support
There’s good news in terms of format support. The Pure Sirocco 550 plays CD-R and CD-R/W discs with tunes in MP3 and WMA formats, and reads the same formats from USB drives. The network-attached player copes with MP3, WMA, AAC and Real Audio. There are formats that aren’t supported, though – and if you’re into lossless data types, you’ll be disappointed. That said, the range covered should be enough for most people.

We love the Lounge
The Pure Sirocco 550 supports Pure’s Lounge over Wi-Fi. We’re big fans of the Lounge. Go to www.thelounge.com, register, and you can listen to radio stations from around the world, as well as pick up podcasts for listening on demand.

Set up favourites, and create your own folder structure to manage them, and any Pure Wi-Fi device can log in to these stations. We’ve got three Pure devices sharing access in our home, plus various computers.

Neat design, easy to use
The micro hi-fi is nicely designed, with two large silver buttons on a basically black chassis. We had no trouble wiring the speakers and antenna in, setting the system up and hooking it up to our home Wi-Fi network. Auto-tuning radio stations was fast and efficient too, and the remote handset we found quite intuitive to use.

One word of warning, though: while it’s fully featured and convenient, if you’re a real audiophile, this might not be the product for you. Sound quality from the two 40W speakers is good enough, but not great. As ever with audio equipment, you might want to listen before you buy.

Company: PURE

Website: http://www.pure.com/products/product.asp?Product=VL-61224

  • Plays from a range of sources; great internet radio system.
  • Speaker quality won't suit everyone.


The Pure Sirocco 550 will play from a myriad of sources and its software can be updated over the air. It's a good all-rounder - but audiophiles might be advised to double-check the sound quality.