Revo – Blik WiFi Internet radio review

WiFi Internet radio
Photo of Revo – Blik WiFi Internet radio

IQ test: what are the next letters in the sequence AM, FM, DAB? It would appear that the answer is WIFI, assuming the sequence is for methods of receiving radio.

Actually, WiFi is only part of the answer with the Revo Blik, as its station connection is via the Internet, but it’s standalone and receives its signal from any wireless router with Internet access.

The Blik has about the same volume as a Roberts or Pure DAB radio, but the shape is very different. Looking something like a very small, black, aircraft hanger (white is available as an option), the radio’s case is covered with a scattered pattern of grooves and holes, especially over the speaker, which is mounted facing upwards.

A pad of 23 touch buttons is set into the top panel and these control playback, channel switching and the built-in alarm functions of the radio. As well as taking content from the Internet, it has an FM tuner built-in, with a traditional, folding, telescopic aerial. On the front panel is a three-line, backlit display, which provides information about the current channel and status information.

The combination of top-mounted controls and front-mounted display isn’t ideal, as you can only see the display and the button legends together from a certain angle. It would be awkward to operate the Blik on a bedside table, for example.

There are plenty of radio channels out there; something over 10,700 according to the Blik display, so you need some way of organising them. The firmware in the radio enables you to filter them down by location or genre, so you can pick one of 80 folk channels or several thousand playing rock music. Channels can be assigned to any of the radio’s presets, though with so many channels to choose from, it seems a bit frugal to provide just eight presets.

Sound quality from the radio is excellent, easily as good as leading DAB receivers and, although it’s mono only, the sound streams are relatively clean and uninterrupted, which isn’t always the case with Internet radio. A lot depends on the distance of the radio from your wireless router, but we managed to get good reception in all rooms of a medium-sized house.

Company: Revo

Contact: 0844 922 1010

Despite its suspect ergonomics, the Revo Blik WiFi Internet radio does an excellent job of streaming all kinds of online radio into your home. Set-up is surprisingly trouble-free and, as long as you have a wireless router, you can also have 10,000-plus radio channels to choose from; there's something out there for even the most picky listener.