Revving it up to 120GB review

Photo of Revving it up to 120GB

Iomega has announced a new, third generation version of its REV backup drive system. The 120GB removable drive is available as both a USB 2.0 unit and an internal SATA device, with both iterations carrying a £299 price tag.

For that money, the REV 120GB backup drive also comes with a 120GB disk to get you started, as well as a copy of EMC Retrospect Express software.

One offshoot of the introduction of the 120GB device is a price drop on the 70GB models. The REV 70GB now sells for £279, and is available to support USB 2.0, ATAPI and SATA interfaces.

Again, each unit comes with the EMC software, and in this case a blank 70GB disk. It should be noted that the new 120GB edition is backwards compatible with the 70GB version, although the same does not apply vice-versa.