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Get past the installation that insists on uninstalling certain Roxio programs that already reside on your hard drive, then get over its nagging to be allowed onto the Internet, and Roxio’s Copy & Convert is a useful, well priced tool.

Its mission in life is to allow you to copy, convert and backup your movies and music, through a series of well thought out, intuitive tools. You then have the option of spitting it all out to a CD or DVD at the end of it all.

Also, as you’d expect, you have the option to adapt your media for a variety of formats, such as OGG, MP3 and AAC, along with DivX, Zune, H.264, MPEG-4 and mobile phones. It’s quite a toolkit on paper.

Sadly, of course, the program’s true function is ultimately crippled from the outset. To ensure that the developers don’t get sued by lots of big companies with lots of big lawyers, Roxio blocks the use of its software’s functions on commercial, copyright-protected media. Even though a user may want to make a safety backup of a DVD they own, Copy & Convert is one of the growing army of applications that tantalise you with this feature, but ultimately don’t let you get your paws on it. Not without scouring the Internet for the key to this otherwise well-fastened door, anyway.

A pity really, as Copy & Convert is quite good at its job. It kicks off through a Roxio Home screen that – as with the Media Creator suite that this seems to be an offshoot of – allows you to select the function you desire, which the software will then go off and load for you where appropriate.

After some stability problems, which we tied down to a USB 3G modem attached to our test-bed laptop, we set Copy & Convert the job of converting a 53 minute television episode into a PSP file. Given that we were using a dual core Intel laptop, with a healthy 1GB of RAM, we expected a reasonably quick job. It took 27 minutes: not too shabby, and the end result was okay, although it had distorted the aspect ratio. It was similarly comfortable dealing with audio and photos, and the interface throughout was intuitive and friendly enough so as not to be a worry.

The key problem, of course, is that the legitimate, law-abiding user is not going to see the best that the package has to offer. Sure, for £20 it’s a good deal anyway (not least because video is only one of its solid abilities), and well up to Roxio’s standards. It’s just a pity that a lot of legal posturing hurts what should and realistically could be a fine, if not perfect, tool.

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A good product at a nice price, Copy & Convert does what it's allowed to do quite well.