Roxio – Easy Media Creator 7.5 Supersonic review

CD and DVD tools and so much more
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The clue, as they say, is in the title. Amidst the various corporate manoeuvrings of last year, Sonic Solutions picked up the small matter of Roxio’s software business. Cunningly, the company has decided not to wait too long to exploit the – are you ready? – ‘synergies’ of the deal, and this sporadically brilliant compilation pack is the result.

You note the phrase compilation pack? Good, because a suite of programs this isn’t. Not until Sonic properly integrates the undoubted power of the assorted applications here into a more standard look and feel with features that complement more than overlap. Truth be told though, it doesn’t really matter. Because for your £70, you’re getting as comprehensive a pack of media applications as you could wish for, with no fewer than 17 tools (spread across six products) included in the box.

These applications are controlled from a centralised menu system that works by function as well as application. Thus you can choose to capture video, import photos or convert from DivX to DVD, or simply load up Creator Classic, PhotoSuite or BackUp My PC, to name but a few of the many options at your disposal. There’s a staggering list of functions here, covering pretty much anything you’d want to do with a CD or DVD, through to audio and video capture from a multitude of sources, backing up, media management and playback.

And as well as being an exhaustive pack, there’s an awful lot of quality in the box. Programs such as Photosuite, Videowave and the powerful Creator marry up intuitive interfaces with genuine power. Common to most of the applications in the pack, none are leaders in their field, yet they’re within spitting distance of those leaders. If there’s a standout, it’s the excellent backup utility, which ironically is the item that few people are likely to be initially interested in.

Throughout the package there’s ample help and support, and in spite of the fact that different programs within it work in slightly different ways, it’s all relatively straightforward to work through.

Inevitably, where Easy Media Creator 7.5 Supersonic really scores is in the value for money stakes. At a retail price of £70 – cheaper by shopping online – it represents astounding value for money. What’s more, the software you get for your cash is at worst good, at best excellent.

Longer term it’s going to be interesting to see if Sonic can integrate the Roxio products into some kind of greater whole, but for now, Easy Media Creator 7.5 Supersonic will do very nicely indeed.

Company: Roxio

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There's some semblance of a jack-of-all-trades, master-of-none argument here. But considering the quality of some of the software you get in the box, and the generous street price, it'd be a very short-lived debate.