Sagem – My150X review

simple, very low cost mobile phone
Photo of Sagem – My150X

Pssst, wanna buy a mobile phone for £10? Then get along to Asda and pick up Sagem’s My150X on Orange pay as you go.

Now, clearly, for that price you aren’t going to get an all-singing, all-dancing mobile phone. But if voice calls and texting are all you need, then this handset will be fine, and it throws a certain amount of style into proceedings too.

This mobile proves that low cost phones don’t have to be cheap – in design terms, I mean. In fact, the overall design is actually quite pleasing. This is a candybar mobile and it is 107mm tall, 47mm wide and 10mm thick. It weighs a mere 65g.

Coloured in black and silver it looks appealing, and a blue backlight to the number pad sets things off nicely. The numberpad keys are large enough to hit pretty quickly and their flat design is the kind seen on other, more expensive mobiles.

The screen is often a big let-down on low cost handsets, but here Sagem has been clever. Clearly the company couldn’t lavish development money on expensive screen technology, so what it has come up with is a simple 101 x 64 pixels spread across 1.8 diagonal inches of space. There is one colour: a turquoise blue against a black background.

An area at the top of the screen delivers info about signal strength and so on using small icons, while the rest of the display is obviously pixelated. This doesn’t seem to matter because it gives the appearance of being part of the design. This isn’t a screen trying to be what it is not.

A simple menu structure lets you page between contacts, messaging, calls, settings, extras and alarm using the navigation button, and unlike many phones which claim to be simple to use and in fact are a bit obtuse, this one really is very easy to understand. I felt I could give it to a phone-o-phobe and they’d get on fine.

I did think the large text size made reading SMS messages a bit of a pain as you have to scroll for longer messages, and that the shallow viewing angle of the screen was a bit of a nuisance at times, but some people will like the larger text size, and many won’t even notice the viewing angle issue as they’ll get the phone out of a pocket and use it head-on.

This mobile is dual band and includes a vibrate mode and speakerphone, calculator and calendar. That’s about it. The calendar doesn’t store any data, and your SIM has to suffice for storing contacts and SMS messages.

Company: Sagem

Contact: 01932 572 900

Definitely not a mobile for feature fans, but ideal for those who just want to make the odd phone call on a pay as you go basis.