Samsung – Diva S7070 review

entry level handset aimed at girls
Photo of Samsung – Diva S7070
£100 (SIM-free)

As manufacturers attempt to produce handsets aimed at every segment of the market it is inevitable that girls become a target. But you are going to have to be a very girly girl indeed to want a Samsung Diva, and be prepared to settle for something pretty low on functionality too.

The Diva is small and light, at 54.8 x 101 x 13.4mm and 92.6g. It has a white and silver fascia with the backplate a sort of ruche, quilted affair that means the phone does not sit flat on a desk. Instead it sort of wobbles around as you touch it. It may look appealing (actually we don’t think it does) but it is not very practical.

Beneath the screen sit Call and End buttons and, between them, a huge diamond-shaped back button which looks totally incongruous.

Side buttons run to a screen lock and shortcut button for the 3.2-megapixel camera on the right edge, and volume control and micro-USB slot on the left. The micro-USB slot is used both for charging the phone and for attaching the supplied in-ear headphones. We’d have much preferred a 3.5mm headset connector and for the connector to be on the top edge for reasons of ergonomics.

There are three main screens and a sidebar from which you can draw widgets onto each of them. It is very familiar Samsung fare. But there is one rather strange, novel feature. You can choose between four fonts for the handset’s screen. The one you select permeates the phone, even overwriting the designated font within Web sites. There is a very girly girl-friendly pink wallpaper on offer, too, if you dare to choose it.

Samsung has decided its target market needs a shopping app. In fact this is a basic listing tool that lets you note what you want, the price, how many of the thing you want and how important it is. Oh, and if you are really dim enough to need it, you can set an alarm to act as a reminder to buy.

In addition there are a couple of widgets we’ve not seen before on Samsung handsets: go on a diet (not something we’d want to be seen encouraging most young girls to do) and stop smoking. Both just seem to count the days that have elapsed from a start date you pre-select.

With no Wi-Fi, GPS or 3G this is very much an entry level mobile phone. You’ll have to use GPRS data to download Web pages, so inevitably browsing is a little slow. And a major grumble is that while there is screen flipping for Web browsing, it is not used in message creation. Here you are left with just a T9-style keyboard with the screen in tall mode, and no QWERTY widescreen option at all.

However, to pick out a few plus points, the 2.8-inch touchscreen delivers 320 x 240 pixels quite clearly and responds well to the finger, and while the phone does not support multitouch, it does have a friendly zooming feature which involves you holding a finger down on a zoomable screen until arrows appear, and then sweeping up to zoom in and down to zoom out. And we like the fact that the camera has smile shot and some rather fun editing tools.

Company: Samsung

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The Samsung Diva is not a handset we'd recommend to many people. If you want entry level, then there are less expensive options which lack the badly designed backplate and patronising overtones of this one.