Samsung – Monte Slide (E2550) review

Small slider handset with minimal features
Photo of Samsung – Monte Slide (E2550)
£80 inc VAT SIM free, free on contract

The Monte Slide from Samsung is a mobile phone aimed at those who want a cost-efficient, functional handset and don’t need all the smartphone data and media-rich features that seem to abound these days.

Hidden numberpad
The Monte Slide is a relatively small-format handset with a slider design that keeps the number pad hidden away till you need it. It weighs just 87.7g, and measures a mere 99x49x14mm – making it great as a handset you can tuck away into small pockets.

If you have larger hands, the small size of this phone obviously isn’t going to appeal, and you might want to try before you buy to see how feasible texting is.

This isn’t the phone for you if you are big on the internet either. The 2in screen with its 128×160-pixel resolution simply can’t cope with web pages well, nor can the handset actually download them with anything like grace as it offers no 3G or Wi-Fi.

A 3-megapixel camera copes with snaps easily enough, and the music player does a good job though the use of a proprietary headset connector is very annoying, as it makes it impossible to attach a good 3.5mm headset to the phone.

Basic functionality
None of the observations above is really a problem if you’re looking for a straightforward handset to make voice calls, which is neat and easy to carry. We can’t help wondering how well it will sell, though, given that for a little more money you can get your hands on low-specced Android handsets that offer a larger touchscreen and downloadable apps.

That said, we’ve seen it selling for less than £40 on pay-as-you-go, so if you’re sure you don’t need the extra features it’s worth shopping around.

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The Samsung Monte Slide is possibly ideal for those who want a phone for voice calls and not much else. But it does look rather lacking when you start comparing it to entry-level Android handsets.