Samsung – SM152T review

slim, well made, 15-inch flat panel monitor
Photo of Samsung – SM152T
£269 + VAT

The first thing that strikes you about this flat panel monitor is just how thin the thing is. In addition, it is one of the few “15in” panels that are actually 15 inches diagonally; just the job if you’re really tight for desk space and need to fit more into less.

Because of its two-hinge fold mechanism, the Samsung SM152T folds up to just 50mm thick, and with its fairly low weight – just 2.9kg – this has to be the only flat panel display that you could conceivably fold up and put into a briefcase.

The LCD panel itself is just 24mm thick, offers a native resolution of 1,024 x 768 and is VESA compatible, with either arm or wall mounts. All the ports are rear-mounted including both VGA and DVI (the latter for direct digital input) and all cabling is routed through the stand, making for nice, tidy cable runs.

There is plenty of rear tilt (90 degrees) but only five degrees forward tilt and no swivel mechanism. On this point, the Samsung SM152T also suffers from not having wide enough viewing angles either vertically or horizontally. You have to be squarely facing the screen to get the best of its true uniform colour. But when you do, the image quality is excellent, with good clarity, edge resolution and colour balance.

One area of mild concern is the selection of buttons on the front bezel, which are really slim; just 2mm thick. Unless you press them down firmly, dead in the centre, they tend not to connect with the underlying control mechanism, which can be very frustrating when cycling through the excellent OSD.

Having said that, it’s still easier to use the Auto Adjust button which takes around six seconds to cycle through a short list of adjustments. This only happens if you use a normal analog cable, though. Using a DVI cable locks out the Auto Adjust key as it’s not needed.

The SM152T comes without speakers and a USB hub but quite frankly these are hardly ever used anyway, so its no great loss. Conveniently, Samsung has incorporated a Kensington lock slot into the base to give some theft protection.

Company: Samsung

Contact: 020 8391 8299

Samsung's ultra thin SM152T flat panel monitor offers stunning image quality for a 15-inch TFT screen, equal to the more expensive 17-inch CRT monitors on the market. Its compact design makes it an ideal tool for those who have little desk space but need plenty of screen working area.