Sandisk continues to drive value-based media player market review

Photo of Sandisk continues to drive value-based media player market

Sandisk has built a deserved reputation for value in the MP3 player market, so we’re always keen to keep an eye on new developments in the American flash memory king’s range.

The new Fuze player seems to be modelled on the revised Apple Nano and recently revealed Sony NW-A820. The choice of design for its new players seems to be a bit of a recurring theme – simply wait for an established rival to product something a bit different, follow suit, up the internal capacity and drop the price by 20 percent.

It’s a decent enough strategy if it can keep offering value to the consumer, and in the new Fuze player it seems particularly oriented towards low prices. Capacities will range from 2GB to 8GB, there’s a 1.9-inch screen, microSD slot, FM radio and of course support for videos, photos and music. The ability to add more memory should certainly hold some appeal, as will the expected starting price of $79.99 in the US.

It’s expected to be available there in April, and should reach our shores in late spring, hopefully without too much of a mark-up.