Section 8: Prejudice by TimeGate Studios review

Team-based futuristic shooter with a budget price
Photo of Section 8: Prejudice by TimeGate Studios

Alongside the usual machine guns, sniper rifles and rockets, this high-tech sci-fi first-person shooter (FPS) from TimeGate Studios sports power armour and pulse cannons. Section 8 also throws jetpacks, vehicles and mech suits into a team-based firefight where two sides face off in online multiplayer with three different modes of play.

The trouble is, there are a lot of elements in Section 8: Prejudice that we’ve seen before – the soldier classes, customisable equipment load-outs, deployable turrets, that sort of thing. Two of the multiplayer modes are also typical conquest and base attack/defence affairs. And it isn’t just the ideas that are old: and the graphics look pretty dated too, although they’re functional enough.

Unsatisfying weaponry
Our biggest bugbear, however, is that the gunning gameplay has a slightly floaty and insubstantial feel to it, a motif reinforced by the fact that the guns feel rather under-powered. The machine gun rat-tat-tats away rather than possessing the bellowing grind of a proper mini-gun, and the rockets lack impact.

More positively, the game’s interface is slick, and some interesting touches have been applied. The scoring and objective system is well balanced to reward good teamwork, and incidental dynamic missions are thrown in with the conquest mode. These generate random objectives to make each game different, such as a task to recover intel packages from behind enemy lines. This is a very smart addition.

Kit customisation
The third multiplayer player mode – a four-person co-operative battle against an onslaught of enemy AI troops, is an entertaining diversion. And there’s a huge amount of depth when it comes to balancing your weapons and equipment load-outs, with a lot of different approaches to try with various bits of kit.

Bolt on a five-hour single player campaign with a decent story, and you’ve got a fairly entertaining FPS package with a decent amount of mileage for the money. One final word of warning – the server population seems rather light.

Company: TimeGate Studios

  • Conquest mode with dynamic missions; huge scope for class customisation.
  • Weapons and combat lack a proper meaty feel; light server population.


Experienced FPS players will have seen a lot of Section 8: Prejudice before, but as well as treading familiar territory, it puts some interesting new spins on the team-based shooter with dynamic in-game missions and a real emphasis on teamwork. On the downside, the weapons and gunning action feel somewhat weak and unconvincing, plus the server population is thin on the ground. Even so, this is worth a shot given the tenner asking price.