SEGA: Sonic Generations review

Photo of SEGA: Sonic Generations

It’s almost impossible to imagine that it’s twenty years since a small blue speedy creature first appeared on the SEGA Mega Drive and Game Gear consoles and became an overnight gaming legend. Yet remarkably in all that time Sonic the Hedgehog is still doing almost exactly the same tasks as at the beginning – i.e. running very fast, collecting rings and bashing on or aside his enemies.

So it’s only fitting that SEGA should pay the furry fireball the ultimate compliment of a new game that looks back at his racing history and gives it the 2011 graphics treatment – in other words, to play both in his 2D and 3D incarnations.

2 Sonics in 1

The clever plot device has Modern Sonic’s idyllic summer picnic with his pals interrupted by a malevolent black cloud known as the Time Eater that sucks his friends into ‘time holes’ in his past from which he (and Classic 1991 Sonic) will have to rescue them. To complete each level you’ll have to play both the side-scrolling retro version and the 3D full pelt version, using a mixture of old and new skills like Spin Dash, Spin Attack, Homing Attack and Sonic Boost and avoiding those pesky pits, pests and spikes, etc.

There are nine former Sonic game locations to re-explore including Green Hill, the Chemical Plant, Seaside Hill and Planet Wisp, all re-imagined in stunning HD. Once each level is finished and a friend released, you can then go and take on further challenges together and earn points to spend in an in-game shop. If there’s such a thing as Sonic heaven, this is probably as close as it gets.

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  • Remembering your first Sonic buzz
  • Classic Sonic becomes very predictable


Whether or not you've been lucky enough to grow up with Sonic's adventures over the last twenty years, this nostalgic rollercoaster ride lets you recapture both the early excitement of Classic Sonic with the speed blast that is Modern Sonic in glorious 3D.