Selwyn Electronics – Bubble Effect Tower review

low-cost, colourfully illuminated PC case
Photo of Selwyn Electronics – Bubble Effect Tower
£37 + VAT

The popularity of customised PCs continues to grow and is showing signs of moving out of the enthusiast/gamer market. Adding bells and whistles, or more appropriately flashing lights and windows to your PC won’t improve its performance, but could impress the other geeks on the block.

If you’re contemplating building your own PC, you can go a long way to customising it by starting with this midi-tower case. It’s imported by Selwyn Electronics and sold through several outlets.

The Bubble Effect Tower starts by being a versatile midi-tower case with four 5.25-inch and two 3.5-inch drive bays in its silver front panel. There are another four bays internally, so the case can hold a total of 10 devices, making it suitable for use as a (rather glitzy) server or a very flexible multimedia machine.

With both eyes on the customisation and over-clocking markets, there are fixings for six 80mm fans, four at the front and two next to the expansion slots in the back panel. There is also a fan fitted in the centre of a viewing panel in the left-hand side of the case. This panel is cut like an eight-petalled flower and through its clear, acrylic insert you can see everything inside the PC.

Apart from the front and back panels, the rest of the case is anodised black, which helps to show off its main highlight, two bubble-effect pipes running down the sides of the drive bays. Through clever use of multicoloured LEDs at top and bottom of the acrylic pipes, they appear in a variety of colours which slowly wane and change into others, all the time the PC is powered up. Although there’s no physical movement, the bubbles reflect the light and make the pipes glow like something from a night club.

At the bottom of the front panel an inset LCD display shows the current temperature from a probe that you can position at an appropriate point on any system board or graphics adapter inside. If the price for all this wizardry seems low, remember there’s no power supply included. Some heavily-cooled towers now require 500W supplies, so the choice is left to you.

Company: Selwyn Electronics

Contact: 01732 765105

Although the same effects may be achieved by judicious use of nibbling tools, coloured fans and multicoloured LEDs, this case provides an easy way to produce a custom PC with a lot of pizzazz. Some of the metalwork is a little thin, but in general this is a quality product at a very affordable price.