Sennheiser – PMX80 Sport II review

sweat and water resistant sports headphones
Photo of Sennheiser – PMX80 Sport II

It’s that time of year when thoughts turn to fitness regimes and getting in shape for the summer. Well, either that or the location of the nearest good beer garden which isn’t going to be too crowded. Either way, you might want to listen to some tunes, and for the exercisers amongst us Sennheiser has released these sports-branded headphones.

The ‘sports’ tag essentially means that they’re sweat resistant, so you can sweat as much as you want while jogging (or doing whatever you’re doing… we won’t ask, but if you’re listening to music during that then perhaps you should reconsider your relationship). If it’s raining, they’re also water resistant and, as befits sports headphones, the PMX80 is daubed with a trendy bright (and highly visible) yellow, although the central moulded headset unit is a contrastingly plain grey.

It’s a reasonably appealing overall look, as is the styling. The ear-buds rest in your ears (obviously enough), with a loop around the top of the ear to hold them in place, and the headset rests on the back of the neck (as opposed to the top of the head).

The loop didn’t quite fit over the top of our ears without pushing them out a touch, but this wasn’t actually uncomfortable. In fact, wearing them for a two-hour long walk, we were impressed with the comfort levels and didn’t feel any need to be adjusting or fiddling with them.

In terms of sound quality, the PMX80 puts in a commendable performance. Music sounded lively and full, with surprisingly authoritative bass reproduction. One tune we listened to begins with the noise of an approaching helicopter, and the ‘chop-chop-chop’ of the blades was rendered with aplomb. Sound leakage is tolerable, although as with most ear-bud headphones some extraneous noise will carry if you’ve got the volume turned up.

The PMX80 comes with a clip to keep the headphone cable from flapping around when you’re running, and the only problem we came across during this review was getting the supplied pads for the ear-buds fitted in place. This involved a fair bit of fiddly stretching, and in the end your reviewer asked his better half to do it, which she managed without too much trouble (stop sniggering at the back there). So if you’re as cack-handed as us, get someone else to do it for you!

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We've come to expect quality from Sennheiser and the PMX80 is no exception. These headphones are comfortable, light yet reasonably well built, water resistant, and most importantly provide great quality sound at a competitive price point.