Serif Photo Projects review

The 2385385th commercial software release to allow you to showcase your photos. Give or take a few…
Photo of Serif Photo Projects

Serif Photo Projects is a standalone tool, albeit one that soon becomes clear, is a part of the firm’s broader Craft Artist package. To install the software, you first need to install Craft Artist Standard, and then you run the Photo Projects pack.

It’s only then that you have the Craft Artist interface for working within, which feels a little old-fashioned. In fact, given how streamlined many online photo stores have become, it is surprising that Serif doesn’t at least offer two tiers of interfaces here.

Still, it’s easy to use, if you follow the wizards. The software earns its stripes through its inclusion of some unusual, if not welcome templates. For a photo book, you choose your template of choice, and then select, from the next screen, which photos you’d like to include. You then have the option of the software auto-flowing them into the right place. It’s a simple drag and drop job to place them, where you want them.

Furthermore, a real advantage over the aforementioned photo stores is that you have more flexibility to play with, and rearrange the templates themselves. You can also bring in far more sophisticated effects, even if little effort is made to make them look much less than daunting. In practice, not all of them are as easy to apply, as you’d like.

What you’re feeling the benefit of here, though, is the quality of the templates, and the ease with which you can work with them. If you’re after too many further specifics, then there are friendlier pieces of software out there than Serif’s. This never loses the feeling of being spun out of something larger and it occasionally tries to sell you things, too, which doesn’t help. 

On the plus side, it is stable and reliable. Once you’ve worked you way around the software, it’s easily capable of helping you get more from your pictures. That’s barely, in modern times, worth £20 though. Craft Artist Standard? It just might be…


Company: Serif


  • The range of templates, and quality of them, is impressive.
  • It should be just a little bit easier to use, when you stick your head under the bonnet a little.


A solid piece of software, which is decent enough at helping you get a little bit more out of your pictures. It’s sometimes a bit too fiddly, and you might find you get better value somewhere else.