Sierra Originals – Cyberstorm 2; Corporate Wars review

Photo of Sierra Originals – Cyberstorm 2; Corporate Wars

Sometimes it seems that the drive to create bigger, better and newer strategy games will never end. Every month sees a new game from the Command & Conquer mould, and only a very few of them manage to even crack that mould, let alone break it. Here’s another that won’t. To be fair, though, Cyberstorm 2 is actually a re-release, rather than a brand new creation. As such, and bearing in mind its price, it deserves to be treated with a bit more leniency. So here goes.

As with most games of this type, Cyberstorm 2 is set in the future (because the weapons are bigger and better). You, as the player with mean mouse control, play the part of one of eight large corporations, each of which would dearly love to annihilate all the others. Your task is to successfully bite the ankles of the other seven corporations – which can be played either by the computer or by other humans – in an attempt to dominate the Typhoeus system.

After setting up base on a suitable planet, your first job is to create customised fighting machines and the pilots to drive them. To create the best fighting force, you need extra resources, for which you have to fight. It’s a vicious circle, but that’s exactly the point. In addition to building up a decent offensive force, you also have to ensure that your base is adequately defended. Plenty of different kinds of vehicle and weapon are available for you to do just that, including tanks, aircraft and robots, which can be customised to suit particular missions.

Those missions take place in a variety of different environments, including deserts, ice-fields, jungles and volcanoes. In addition to the pre-configured missions, there’s a random option for creating new ones, so the potential for good staying power is there. Cyberstorm 2 can be played either in real-time or, for the more patient and thoughtful player, in turn-based mode.

Company: Sierra Originals

If it were released today as a brand new title, there wouldn't be a great deal to recommend Cyberstorm 2 over its competitors. The likes of Tribal Rage and WarGames are better in most respects. But if you're strapped for cash and want a strategy game that's playable and only a little dated graphically, there can be few better ways to spend a tenner.