SkipDr For Xbox by Digital Innovations review

Rescue broken CDs, DVDs and discs for Microsoft's gaming console and others
Photo of SkipDr For Xbox by Digital Innovations

You’re looking forward to finishing Rockstar’s L.A. Noire, you stick the disc into your Xbox 360, and… nothing. Scratched and dirty discs are the bane of gamers’ lives. Well, now there’s help at hand. SkipDr is a product whose job in life is to bring messed-up discs back to life.

Works on other consoles, too
The SkipDr works on a simple idea, but a surprisingly effective one. And the ‘Xbox 360-specific’ version we’re testing here is actually nothing of the sort. From what we can tell, there’s been no concession to the fact that the disc in question is that of a console game – nor should there be.

Instead, the change in the device over other versions is a purely aesthetic one. The SkipDr now comes in Xbox green. Apart from that, it’s business as usual.

That said, do be warned that there’s a strict piece of advice in the box that declares the SkipDr is not to be used with Blu-ray discs, which specifically includes PlayStation 3 games. This unit is for DVD and CD cleaning only.

Repairing and cleaning
Opening up the box, you’ll find the unit itself, six AA batteries from a manufacturer human beings haven’t heard of, some cloths, a couple of bottles of fluid, and the instructions.

Said instructions break down into two parts. Firstly, it tells you how to, er… clean a disc. This involves spraying the disc with the special solution and shining it using the special cloth supplied. Simple as that.

For repair jobs, you need the machine itself, which actually polishes off a very thin layer of the disc. This is perfectly safe for CDs and DVDs. You insert the disc as instructed (after giving it a spray), and switch the unit on. You then allow it to make two (noisy) rotations, buff the disc up, and you’re ready to go.

Works a treat
And you know what? On the three test discs we had lined up, every one of them worked. Granted, we weren’t sure the no-name batteries would survive one clean (the SkipDr sounded like it was running out of puff as it entered the final straight), but it did the job. And you can, incidentally, buy an AC adapter for the machine if you want, which we found online for around a fiver.

A useful product, this. It’s not the only one to do the same job, and the Xbox-specific nature is a bit of a sham. But there’s little arguing with the end results here.

Company: Digital Innovations


  • It works... and for CDs, DVDs and discs from many other consoles.
  • But not with Blu-ray or PS3 discs. And it's noisy.


Do shop around to see if you can beat the price, but if you're looking for a way to rejuvenate CDs and DVDs, whether Xbox games or not, then this does the job.