SlimCleaner 1.8 by SlimWare Utilities review

Freeware PC cleaning utility with a couple of extras
Photo of SlimCleaner 1.8 by SlimWare Utilities
£FREE download

A decent maintenance utility can make the turgid task of regulating clutter on your PC that much easier. SlimCleaner 1.8 does that, and has one major plus point right from the off: it’s free.

Of course, the fact that it costs nothing would be irrelevant if it weren’t any good – but fortunately, this utility proves itself to be more than merely easy on your wallet.

Optimisation element
A neat menu contains tabs for cleaning and other facilities, such as optimisation and an uninstaller. While not a full optimisation utility suite, the program does offer some minimal but very useful functionality.

Basically, the optimisation menu displays a list of startup processes, along with a rating and comments drawn from SlimCleaner’s community regarding how vital they are.

That’s actually pretty helpful information when it comes to shutting down anything extraneous – although there’s a certain degree of trust here that previous users have got things right for those not in the know. In general, though, we found the advice of the majority was sound.

The uninstaller tab is just a slightly slicker version of the same Windows facility. What’s more useful is the hijack log, which scans startup items, ActiveX controls and browser plug-ins for evidence of malware fiddling.A built-in shredder is another useful inclusion, providing secure file deletion with four levels of security.

Mean cleaning
The main event here is the cleaning process, though. This analyses and reports back on system clutter. It only takes a few seconds to run the analysis, and SlimCleaner picks up all the obvious junk – Recycle Bin content, temp files and so forth – as well as going into depth with browsers, hunting through not just cache and cookies but also old crash reports and suchlike.Windows search history, recent file lists and other more advanced detritus can also be pruned. Should you not want some of these areas cleaned, they can be unticked and left alone. Then it’s just a case of clicking and cleaning, which is done swiftly and without fuss, causing no errors on our test runs.

Company: SlimWare Utilities


  • Does a good cleaning job; costs you nothing.
  • Options such as the uninstaller are a bit superfluous.


SlimCleaner offers a streamlined cleaning process which is quick and thorough, plus a couple of neat extras such as the file shredder and a startup process optimiser with community ratings. Some bits of the program, such as the uninstaller, don't provide much - but we really can't complain, given that it's all available for free.