Snowflake Portable USB Microphone by Blue Microphones review

A convenient but unimpressive portable USB mic
Photo of Snowflake Portable USB Microphone by Blue Microphones

The Snowflake Portable USB Microphone is, at first glance, a nifty piece of kit, which mounts a decent-ish quality mic (more on that in a minute) onto a strong metal base. It’s a nice idea, and one intended to help counter the poor quality of many low budget, portable microphones.

The mic is designed to hook over the top of a screen (although this only seems to work with a thin laptop display, rather than a full sized monitor), or can simply be rested on a desktop.

The actual microphone itself, which is ball-shaped, fits into the metal base structure. It can be pushed out easily enough, and the unit is flexible enough to be used pretty much anywhere. That’s the best thing about it, definitely.

Broad appeal?
The problem, though, in trying to offer as broad appeal as possible, is that inevitably something suffers. And the problem is that the microphone is too broad in what it captures. Thus, it too easily picks up surrounding noise, which might be okay for the odd Skype call, but if you’re looking to use it to record a podcast, for instance, then you might want to focus your attention elsewhere.

You pay a premium for the convenience of the device, too. Its strong construction and its compact, portable nature, help beef the price tag up to a sizeable RRP of £60. While you can get this down to £40 by shopping around online, that’s still quite a lot to pay for what you get.

Sure, the microphone is convenient – with plug-and-play connection via the supplied USB cable (it works across both Mac and PC), it’s a breeze to set up. But it suffers on quality, and for most people, that’s ultimately what counts. It’s better, we’d argue, to sacrifice just a little of that convenience, and go for a more capable unit with the money you save.

Company: Blue Microphones


  • Cnvenience and portability.
  • Poor quality.


The Snowflake Portable USB Microphone is a better idea than it is a produc. It's a pity, as there's some good thinking here - but the Snowflake stumbles in just the area in which it’s supposed to deliver.