Solid storage review

Photo of Solid storage

Imation has confirmed that its previously announced line of solid state storage devices are now available on European shores. Boasting the reliability and speed you’d expect of such devices, Imation is hardly skimping when it comes to capacity, either, and a handful of products should be available by the time you read this.

For power users there’s the SSD MOBI 3000, with maximum read speeds of 100MB per second and write speeds of 80MB per second. Furthermore, it has low power consumption and is about half the weight of a traditional hard drive. Capacities of up to 64GB are available.

For enterprise users, Imation also has the SSD PRO 7000 line (it’s their obsession with capital letters, incidentally, not ours). These will go even faster, at 120MB read speed per second and 90MB per second write.

Exact details of the range of capacities and pricing aren’t yet available, but check out your local supplier imminently for more information.