Sony – CRXP-90MU review

USB 2.0 combined CD-RW and DVD player
Photo of Sony – CRXP-90MU
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With the arrival of the USB 2.0 specification and its 480Mb/sec transfer rate (40 times faster than USB 1.0), high-speed peripherals such as hard drives, CD-RW drives and so on are viable alternatives to adding another internal drive to your system. There’s the added bonus that some – but by no means all – are conveniently portable.

With a PC Card-based CD-RW and DVD-ROM combo drive already in the market place, it was only a matter of time before Sony introduced a USB 2.0 version of the drive; theCRXP-90MU is the first USB 2.0 external combo drive to hit the market.

A stylish, simple, compact drive, the CRXP-90MU isn’t much bigger than the discs it plays, and has a clamshell lid. There are only three ports; power, USB and, in keeping with most Sony equipment, a Memory Stick slot.

Despite its small size, the CRXP-90MU has great performance, thanks to its USB 2.0 interface. It is capable of 24x CD-R burning, 10x CD-RW recording, 24x CD-ROM reading and 8x DVD-ROM access.

Sony has included its latest Power-Burn technology with the CRXP-90MU. Power-Burn eliminates buffer under-run and optimises the CD burn according to the type of CD-RW media being used. It also reduces writing errors caused by bad handling of the disk – such as finger prints – or mechanical shock. Also, full marks to Sony for including a USB cable in the box, something far too many manufacturers fail to provide.

The CRXP-90MU comes with a full suite of software tools and utilities to get the most out of the drive, with applications to help manage and edit digital pictures and video, listen to your favorite digital music, record your own original music, watch DVD movies and back up your data. Included are Bs Clip, Bs Recorder Gold, VideoImpression, PhotoBase, PhotoStudio, Retrospect Express, MusicMatch Jukebox and Cyberlink PowerDVD.

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Small and compact, Sony's CRXP-90MU is an ideal tool for people on the move wanting quick and easy data backup. It's also suitable - as long as your system has a USB 2.0 port - for watching DVD movies.