Sony Ericsson – K660i review

mid-range 3G mobile with Web shortcut keys
Photo of Sony Ericsson – K660i
£free (depending on contract)

Sony Ericsson’s K660i is yet another member of the company’s seemingly never-ending parade of mobile phones. It is widely available but the lime-green and white version we reviewed can only be obtained from the 3 network in the UK. Not surprisingly, then, this is a 3G handset with quad-band GSM and EDGE backing things up.

The K660i has an emphasis on multimedia capability and more specifically the Web. This comes into play via three shortcut keys on the front fascia of the phone. The 3, 6, 9 and # keys have small icons to their right which light up whenever you are using the Web browser. These keys allow you to type text into a Google search bar, view your bookmarks, return to the 3 Web home page and use the Web browser’s zoom and pan features.

The shortcuts are quite handy but they don’t offer anything more than you can get from other Sony Ericsson mobile phones; they just give you a quick way to get to some useful features.

Something else which is useful, but again not unique to this mobile phone, is the ability to flick the screen into wide format when Web browsing. This allows you to see more width on any given page, and is useful.

The screen measures two inches from corner to corner and displays 240 x 320 pixels in 262,000 colours. As we generally expect from Sony Ericsson it is clear, sharp and bright. The phone itself is quite nicely proportioned. It weighs just 95g so it is light to carry around. It is 104mm tall, 47mm wide and 15mm thick, making it perfectly acceptable for all but the smallest of pockets.

The buttons on the number pad are small round tablets. They are not the easiest to use and we found composing text messages at speed something of a challenge. Above them and below the screen the various shortcut keys and the navigation button are nicely designed, though if you have large or stubby fingers you may find hitting them accurately is not always easy.

In terms of its general features this is a reasonably well-equipped mobile phone. It has 32MB of built-in memory and a 256MB Memory Stick Micro card comes with it. It plays music and there is an FM radio. Sony Ericsson hampers its phones by using a proprietary and somewhat chunky connector for the headset. In this case the headset provided is one piece, making it difficult to use your own favourite headphones instead of those provided.

There is a front-facing camera for two-way video calling and the main camera shoots stills at resolutions up to 2-megapixels. It lacks autofocus or flash and is not one of Sony Ericsson’s better efforts.

Other features include a whole host of Sony Ericsson favourites including picture blogging, stereo Bluetooth output, mobile e-mail, voice recorder, calendar, calculator, to do manager, stopwatch and timer.

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The Sony Ericsson K660i is nothing particularly special. Its Web browsing controls differentiate it from the crowd, and the lime-green and white version is eye-catching, but its features don't break any new ground.