Taxan – Ergovision 737 TCO99-S review

quality, low cost 17-inch display
Photo of Taxan – Ergovision 737 TCO99-S
£189 + VAT

As was inevitable once cheap-’n'-cheerful 19-inch monitors arrived on the market, the prices of 17-inch displays have been forced downwards, so that they’re now encroaching on what used to be the exclusive territory of 15-inch units. This could mean one of two things; either manufacturing costs are being drastically cut, or margins were pretty huge before this price ‘adjustment’. Let’s see…

Taxan’s Ergovision 737 has some good credentials. The company’s been making monitors for many years, including some high-end graphics workstation displays, and the TCO99 stamp at least gives you some peace of mind that its ergonomics and emissions are about right. This monitor has a good cabinet, too; designed to look stylish without being so over-the-top that it detracts from the image itself. All the buttons are easily accessible in a row under the display, along with a pair of stereo speakers.

These speakers are fed via an input at the rear – there’s one for a microphone too – and can be controlled or muted at the touch of a button. The sound from them is surprisingly good, even when playing games. Not that we do.

The display adjustment controls, accessible via those under-screen buttons, are pretty comprehensive, with the usual geometry, position and colour settings, including a few more advances features such as video level and rotation. No Moiré compensation, though, which would have been useful on occasion.

And now the important bit. The display quality is, for the most part, pretty good. We did notice some ghosting around black-on-white letters at higher refresh rates, particularly when using graphics cards with extra plug-in cables, such as a 3Dfx Voodoo 3500 TV. This is not uncommon, though, nor particularly obtrusive. The power regulation was not as good as it could be; this is shown by rapidly switching between a dark image and a light one. Even shutting down Word produced a noticeable change in the screen position.

But these are the only negative points we could find, and in all other respects the display performed well. The colour balance was good across the screen, with very little brightness variation, and there was enough contrast available for all but the sunniest days that the British summer has to offer. We noticed little or no mis-convergence of the three colour guns, and the overall display was neither too crisp to be harsh, nor too soft to be blurred.

Company: Taxan

Contact: 01344 484646

This is a lot of monitor for the price. It's not the best 17-inch display on the market, but the few problems that we did notice faded into the perceptual background after a couple of days' use, and we're now very happy with it.