Teco – Relisys TF785 review

17-inch monitor, CRT
Photo of Teco – Relisys TF785
£144 + VAT

Teco is considerably better known in the Far and Middle East than in the UK. The company makes various PC components, including monitors such as this one. The TF785 is part of the ‘Superior’ line, which is quite an achievement given the price. Other products, in the ‘Intro’ line, for example, are available for a whisker over £100.

So, this is one of the top-of-the-range displays from Teco. How does it stack up? On first impression, there’s not a great deal to set it apart from the crowd. The 17-inch screen is flat – or at least, the glass front is; there’s still some curvature to the display itself. There’s a tilt and swivel stand that doesn’t tilt or swivel particularly well; you really have to hold the base in place in order to move the screen section. Also lacking is any form of USB connection, which we’ve come to expect on modern monitors.

In terms of specifications, the top whack is 1600 x 1200, but at 65Hz this is rather flickery. The recommended resolution is 1024 x 768, and we’d agree with that. At anything higher the display doesn’t work too well, but at 1024 x 768 it’s comfortably stable at 85Hz vertical refresh. The visible screen size is 15.9 inches and the CRT tube has a dot pitch of 0.25mm. The display complies with the TCO’99 ergonomics and emissions standard.

When using the monitor on our test PC, we found there was initially some distortion to the image, but this was tweakable – the on-screen menu system covers topics such as pincushion, trapezoid and the often-important corner distortion, with corrections available for all of these and the more common geometric settings. There’s control over colour balance too, and vertical and horizontal moiré compensation.

After making these adjustments, the geometry of the screen was good. Our only complaints were a slight inconsistency of colour towards the right-hand side of the screen and some lack of focus in the corners.

Company: Teco

Contact: 0161 232 6000

There's nothing particularly special about this monitor - no USB, an ineffective stand - with the exception of the price. Given the quality of the tube, which is not bad at all at 1024 x 768, this is a cheap way to upgrade if you're still using a 15-inch CRT screen. But it's not a competitor for some of the more expensive, better known 17-inch monitor brands. In that respect you get what you pay for.