Teco – Relisys TL775 review

17-inch LCD monitor
Photo of Teco – Relisys TL775

This particular flat panel display is one groovy looking beast, with its swish silver contours, not to mention the circular cluster of menu buttons which are backlit with neon blue and look like the window of a Tie Fighter. At least they do to us. Then again, we do holiday on Tatooine and have a penchant for dressing up in hair curlers, running around the backyard screaming, wielding a garden hoe and pretending to be one of the sand people (some people wash their cars on a Sunday morning, others… don’t).

Star Wars obsessiveness aside, the point stands – it’s a looker. The Relisys TL775 is also sturdily built, perched on a solid yet compact stand, and it comes with two monitor cables, one to connect to an analogue source, and the other a DVI to DVI cable should your video card boast a DVI port.

Being from Teco’s “lifestyle” range of monitors, the Relisys TL775 also sports built-in speakers, although predictably these are functional and fairly tinny sounding, but still a useful addition for some users. The aforementioned Star Wars style control panel also adorns the front and it’s extremely easy to navigate the on screen display using this.

The usual paraphernalia of adjustments are available, such as brightness, contrast, colour and screen position, along with a volume control for those speakers. An auto adjust wizard is thoughtfully provided and this jiggles your desktop into position perfectly with a single button press. It works well, although it’s only for analogue cable users, as this is irrelevant when working with a true digital DVI picture which is already spot on.

Of course, the screen is where it’s really at and the 17-inch display is capable of cranking out an extremely solid 1,280 x 1,024 pixels – it’s crystal clear and rock steady, an impressive picture indeed. The specs reveal a dot pitch of 0.264mm and a fast screen response time of 16ms (meaning there’s no blurring on the mouse trail, for example, when moving it quickly over a dark background).

On the downside, our review model did have one broken pixel which was stuck displaying blue. That’s within the specs for most manufacturers, but it’s still not nice to see on your brand spanking new toy (of course this was a review model, so it wasn’t altogether new and probably not very spanking either).

The Relisys TL775′s viewing angle also seems a little narrow. It’s quoted as 140 degrees for both horizontal and vertical in the specifications, though it seems somewhat narrower to our eyes, with slight darkening occurring a little before this mark. However, despite these niggles the overall picture is extremely sharp and steady. Finally, it’s also worth noting that the monitor comes with a wall mounting bracket for the more adventurous DIY types out there.

Company: Teco

Contact: 0161 232 6000

This is an accomplished offering, weighing in at a fair price point for the solid display quality presented here. The only slight downer is the somewhat narrow seeming viewing angle, but that really isn't anything to make a big issue out of. It's also a well built, good looking monitor with easy to operate controls. Teco has done itself proud here.