Teufel – AC 9050 PH review

first headphones from German speaker specialist
Photo of Teufel – AC 9050 PH

The AC 9050 PH is German speaker specialist Teufel’s first foray into the headphones market and is a full-sized set of over-ear cans aimed at professionals, home use and portable players.

At first glance they certainly seem like a high-end pair of ‘phones, offering support and comfort through adjustable ear pieces and faux-leather padding on the cups and head support. The rather hard lines scream quality in an industrial sense and, despite being lightweight, we were instantly impressed by the flexible yet solid build.

In the box you’ll find both a 3.5mm straight cord and 6.3mm spiral cord, though a screw-off adaptor on the latter allows it to double as both. There’s also a sturdy leather pouch to put them in when the cans are rotated for storage when not in use.

The accessories provided are all of high quality and so fit in nicely with the feel of the headphones themselves. Teufel also shows good attention to detail, such as the fact that the two-ended audio cables plug into a 3.5mm jack on the left ear cup rather than being wired in permanently, thus helping to reduce weak points in the design.

We tested the 9050 ‘phones in a range of environments and were extremely impressed by their versatility, whether used directly through a computer for music or gaming, or via a portable player or a high-end sound system.

In most instances, the well-rounded sound offers a clean, full range with pronounced, punchy bass and clear mid-range and high tones. Our only slight criticism is that while separation is still good, low tones can sometimes overwhelm the mid-range and high-end on bassy tunes. As such we’d imagine the more professional market turning down the 9050s in favour of a (probably far more expensive) past favourite, but for everyone else this is a beautifully versatile setup for a range of environments.

Importantly the headphones are comfortable to wear and, while there’s no noise-cancelling technology built-in, the snug fit does a fair job of eliminating background sounds. Breathable fabric on the ear cups also means your ears don’t get too warm too quickly; we ploughed through a gaming session of a good few hours without the Teufels feeling uncomfortable enough at any point to need a break.

Despite the impressive build quality, accessories and performance so far, there’s nothing more appealing about the 9050s than the price. At £64 these represent superb value for money and, while they may not offer quite enough clarity for professional users, are an excellent choice for anyone else looking for a set of full-sized headphones for the home.

Company: Teufel

Contact: 00 49 30 30 09 30 39

It's fair to say that Teufel's first attempt at a set of headphones is a grand success. The AC 9050 PH 'phones are lightweight, solid, comfortable, versatile and perform really well, so we'd highly recommend them to anyone looking for a wired set of over-ear headphones to enjoy the latest games or music in the home.