The best Android apps for fitness and healthy living – group test review

Adidas MiCoach, My Tracks, MyFitnessPal, Daily Ab Workout, White Noise, Smoke Control rated
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If you want to stay healthy you need to eat the right foods and take enough exercise. And there are other aspects to a healthy life too. Your phone can help, with a wide range of health related apps on offer.

APP OF THE MONTH: Adidas MiCoach
MiCoach is a very smart piece of software for runners. It uses the GPS in your phone to track routes, calculates times, distance, pace, calories burned and more. The miCoach software uses training schedules downloaded from, where there are plenty of options to meet every need from beginners to marathon runners.

Audible alerts and encouragement help you along, auto synching of training results means you have web based data at your fingertips, and you can listen to music playlists while you train.

Android health apps - My Tracks

My Tracks
Plenty of apps use GPS to track distance travelled on your phone. My Tracks is a Google app that does this using Google Maps, and then shares copious statistics with a web site. It supports a range of external sensors – the more technically minded might like to know it can talk to ANT heart rate monitors, for example. My Tracks is as good for walkers as for those involved in more strenuous exercise.

Android health apps - MyFitnessPal

MyFitnessPal is billed as a weight loss assistant, and its key feature is a calorie counter. It has a huge foods database and you can record individual foods eaten or entire meals easily, saving the latter for re-use so you can easily record favourite meals again and again.

There’s a barcode scanner to match foods to the database without going through lots of text entry, and a recipe calculator that works out the calories and nutritional content of any of your own recipes.

A second element includes more than 350 exercises which you can augment with your own exercises, so you can keep track of activities as well as your diet. It all synchronises with a website too.

Android health apps - Daily Ab Workout

Daily Ab Workout
Here’s a relatively straightforward app with a single purpose. It gives you a short daily routine that’s designed to give your abdominals a workout. There are pictures to help you get the exercises right, and a timer to help ensure you complete the workout in the allocated 5, 7.5 or ten minutes. Try the free version, then if you like it move on to the paid version which offers more workouts and is ad-free.

Android health apps - White Noise

White Noise
PRICE: £1.23
Staying healthy isn’t just about keeping active and eating well. It’s also about quality downtime. White Noise is a collection of 40 ambient sounds that help you relax or even sleep. What kinds of noises do this? Ocean waves, running streams, that sort of thing. There’s a timer so the sounds turn off automatically and don’t drain your battery.

Android health apps - Smoke Control

Smoke Control
If you’re one of those people who smokes but would like to give up, then your smartphone might be able to help. Smoke Control helps you gently wean yourself off smoking and keeps a record of how much money you’re saving in the process. One of the better examples among a large number of quit smoking apps, if you’re still trying to beat the weed, this just might help.