The best Android apps for navigation, GPS, satnav and geo-location – group test review

Google Maps, CoPilot Live Premium, Find My Car, Geocaching, CamerAlert, Adidas miCoach reviewed and rated
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With the summer holidays well and truly underway, this month we’re taking a look at how your Android smartphone and its built-in GPS can help you out with navigation. There’s plenty on offer – and it’s not just about getting you from A to B, so why not make the most of it? See you on the beach.

Please feel free to give us your feedback via email on the apps we’ve tested, and let us know about at apps or categories you’d like us to look at in future.

It’s obvious enough, really, that Google Maps has a part to play for every traveller. Whether you are just on a day out from home, taking a staycation away from your home town, or going further afield, the free Google Maps app can get you from A to B thanks to its navigation facility, and guide you through city streets in conjunction with your handset’s GPS. And it’s almost certainly pre-installed on your handset too.

CoPilot Live Premium
PRICE: £24.99 inc. VAT
If you want something a bit more like a standard satnav app, then CoPilot Live Premium could be ideal. You’ll pay £24.99 for the full UK and Ireland version and for that you get a host of features including great turn by turn navigation with super visuals, real time traffic data, speed limit warnings, safety camera warnings and in app Facebook Places checkin and Twitter updates.

Find My Car
Ever parked in an unfamiliar place and then forgotten where you’ve left the car? Try the free Find My Car. It can remember where you left the vehicle and get you back there later. You can use it to remember where other things are too. Your hotel, a restaurant, anything you like really. You’ll need GPS in your Android device to make it work, of course.

PRICE: £6.23 inc. VAT
Geocaching is a seriously popular hobby and one which can take you to all kinds of new and interesting places. The Groundspeak geocaching app gives you access to’s database, which means you’ll have thousands of geocaches at your fingertips directly on your phone. You can log finds from the handset too. Straightforward to use, this £6.23 app has been great value for money for us.

PRICE: £0.59 inc. VAT
If you’re interested in knowing where safety cameras are as you drive around the UK, then CamerAlert (£0.59) could be for you. As well as providing alerts as cameras approach, it can show your average speed between cameras so you can be sure to stay on the safe side. Regular updates ensure the CamerAlert database mirrors changes on the ground.

Adidas miCoach
If you’ve ever been jogging, and want to track your speed and distance, then there are plenty of apps to do that. The free Adidas miCoach app is a good example. Adidas miCoach will track speed and distance, gives you audio alerts to keep you motivated and has a passthrough so you can play music while you exercise. It communicates with, downloading training schedules and uploading progress towards your goals.

All apps available via the Android Market.