The House of the Dead: OVERKILL Extended Cut review

Photo of The House of the Dead: OVERKILL Extended Cut

It was two years ago that the original version of this arcade style zombie gore-fest was released, exclusively on the Wii, where its tongue-in-cheek B-movie atmosphere brought a refreshing dose of humour to the genre. Now SEGA has decided to give it a full makeover, while throwing in some extras to produce an Extended Cut. This time around, it’s purely for the PS3.

Effectively the prequel to the House of the Dead series, OVERKILL sees Agent G on his first mission to Bayou City in Louisiana where he teams up with bad-ass cop Washington and worldly wise stripper, Varla Guns, to fight the undead and the evil experimenting Papa Caesar. 

Playstation Move friendly

In this Extended version, you can play as Varla together with her ‘innocent’ stripper pal Candy in two new missions – Naked Terror. The action involves mutant strippers, bikers, and Creeping Flesh, while being appropriately set in a slaughterhouse. As well as more monsters to fight against, where you now have additional weaponry such as a crossbow that fires explosive bolts.

Although the ‘native’ visuals are supposed to look like cheap, crackly 35mm movies, SEGA has given all the graphics the High Definition treatment. This is in addition to 3D effects, if you can stand wearing the red and green cardboard glasses for more than ten minutes. More significantly, OVERKILL is now compatible with Playstation Move – making targeting, via either the controller or the Sharp Shooter, much more accurate.

There are some extra game modes to encourage replayability, including Hardcore (headshots only), Dual Wield and Shoot the Sh*t (where you can bleep out subtitled swear-words by shooting them). This is along with putting your high scores on online leaderboards, to impress your mates. 

As long as you’re not offended by constant swearing, bad taste jokes, bucketloads of gore and general grossness, then this could be the zombie shooter for you. It would be hard to justify the official price of £49.99, if you already have the Wii version. Amazon is currently selling it at £15.20, which is more than value for money.

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Company: Sega


  • Extra playable characters.
  • Excessive swearing.


OVERKILL was wildly over-the-top, obscene and gory – when on the Wii, but this PS3 upgrade goes even more for excess and in every department. This game will appeal to all fans of crude humour zombie splatting.