The Sims 3: Generations by EA review

Fourth expansion pack for the popular family Sims
Photo of The Sims 3: Generations by EA

When so much publicity is given to games like Modern Warfare and World of Warcraft, you tend to forget that The Sims and its offspring are still the largest selling PC game series of all time. Generations is now the fourth expansion pack for version 3, following on the heels of Ambitions, Late Night and World Adventures.

Although this is clearly not one of the Stuff Packs providing extra inventory material, Generations is nevertheless not a straightforward themed add-on, but rather a collection of life choices primarily aimed at the Young and Teen Sims. Disappointingly, there’s no new town to explore but there are still plenty of fun activities to influence the path your Sims will ultimately follow.

Imaginary friends and mid-life crises
Toddlers can create an Imaginary Friend who can not only grow at the same pace as them, but can even (spookily) be made real. There are various fancy-dress costumes you can slip into (such as dinosaur, princess and astronaut), tree houses to play in and a host of pranks and booby traps you can inflict on family, friends and neighbours.

Serious-minded kids can be sent to a number of boarding schools to ensure they get decent degrees, and a new range of Chemistry Creations enables you to research and try out some Harry Potter-like potions such as Ninja Vanish, Mood Enhancer and Radical Reparium. High school graduates can now be crowned Prom Queen or King, and you can even throw a bachelor(ette) party to celebrate your engagement.

Adults are not entirely ignored, but their main new goal is to be allowed to experience a Midlife Crisis – and they have only one new profession as a Daycare worker looking after the local children. However, the best new gadget is undoubtedly the video camera, on which your Sim can record daily activity and then play it back on their home TV. Plus, you can also now link to Facebook so that the ten people in the world who haven’t heard of the Sims can keep in touch with your ‘family’.

Company: EA


  • Sims making their own video recordings.
  • No new town; not much for adult Sims.


The latest Sims 3 expansion pack has several fun and quirky life choices for your younger Sims and the camcorder recording is a great addition, but there's not much novelty for adult Sims.