Thor: God Of Thunder by Sega review

Great movie, terrible game
Photo of Thor: God Of Thunder by Sega

We’re not quite sure who keeps giving Sega the licence to produce games based on Marvel movies, because this otherwise-impressive game publisher keeps making a shoddy job of it. How many people, after all, are still playing its Iron Man 2 videogame? Exactly.

For Thor, Sega hasn’t gone down the straight adaptation route. Instead, it has tried to bring the character of Thor into a slightly different adventure. Not that it makes much difference. The end result is still a dull, repetitive traipse through uninspiring level design. There’s really not much to love here at all.

Good in theory…
At its core, this game should work. You play the superhero Thor in what, in theory, could be a perfectly entertaining button-basher. So, you go through the levels taking on foes, occasionally employing some longer-range attacks and spells. Then there’s the grapple mechanic, whereby you get a small window of opportunity to do some real damage. Sadly, nothing really hangs together quite as it should.

It’s fair to say that nobody was expecting a classic here, but those aforementioned ingredients should, at least, have offered enough entertainment for a few hours. Thor: God Of Thunder will be back on the shelf well before then, simply because it’s irritating and frustrating to play. If the game isn’t throwing the same old at you, you’re having to battle an unhelpful camera, or fiddly combat, or ideas that simply should work better than they do.

…bad in practice
The result is a drab, un-Thor-like superhero yarn, and one that inevitably resurrects the old debate about the poor quality of movie-to-game conversions. Even though Thor isn’t a straight take on the movie itself, it ties itself closely to it, and wastes a fabulous opportunity in exchange for a very quick cash-in. It really should be avoided at all costs.

Company: Sega

  • It's tolerable if you've never played anything like this before
  • It's intolerable if you have.


Forgettable, lazy movie cash-in, with nothing to interest a genuine gamer.