Trend Micro – Internet Security Pro 2009 review

net security with some handy bundled extras
Photo of Trend Micro – Internet Security Pro 2009

Trend Micro is a long established name in the PC security fraternity, even if it doesn’t carry quite as much weight as the Nortons of the world. The company has just released its latest net security suite and we got our hands on the Pro version, which bundles a number of extra utilities alongside the core program. More about them in a moment, but we’ll begin at the beginning (sensibly enough), with the security modules.

Trend Micro’s anti-virus/spyware scanner boasts the usual options, scheduled scans and so forth, with some interesting little extras, like a history cleaner that purges your junk files and cookies from any net related programs, such as browsers and instant messengers.

If automatic quick scans and updates are enabled, the suite also ensures that they aren’t undertaken when your computer’s resources are being taxed (i.e. when playing a game or similar).

Another novel feature is the home network map, which displays a visual overview of the local network and all the computers connected to it, allowing you to remotely manage the security settings of up to two other PCs.

Running a virus scan on our test machine, we were impressed by the swift speed of the process, and the definitions proved reasonably effective on both the virus and spyware fronts. Any unpatched system vulnerabilities were also highlighted.

Naturally, Internet Security 2009 comes with a personal firewall and an assortment of Internet and email controls. There’s the obligatory spam filter, anti-phishing measures, keystroke encryption to protect sensitive data such as credit card numbers, and a built-in browser security toolbar (for Internet Explorer and Firefox) that flags up any dodgy sites with bright red warnings.

This little lot provides for some good online coverage, which is further extended by a parental controls module for those with young ones. There are several facets to this feature, with a web access schedule to ensure they can’t go on the net outside specific times, and data protection that blocks any specified text (addresses, telephone numbers) from being sent via email or online messenger programs.

Different filter strengths can be chosen, from child to mature teens, and we found that the security offered here was top notch, as all the adult sites we tried to access from a kid’s account were blocked.

The additional utilities bundled with the Pro version are certainly useful. Highlights include a password protected file vault to store any sensitive data in, the really clever touch being that if you report your computer as lost or stolen, Trend Micro seals the vault completely so the thief can’t get in.

There’s a system tuner, which provides basic disk and registry clean up, and a mobile security program. This can be installed on supported mobiles and PDAs to grant protection from viruses and SMS spam, a really neat little extra for some.

Company: Trend Micro

The core protection modules are sound and there are some novel touches here. It's not one of the cheapest security suites we've come across but there are some handy extras thrown in, particularly if you want an anti-virus solution for your mobile device.