Trend Micro SafeSync review

Sync and share your data between multiple devices with secure online storage
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£24.99 (20GB, 3 users)

Online backup software is fairly common these days. Whether you use it a standalone application or as part of a security suite, it can ensure that files are available to you when you’re away from the computer on which they’re stored.

Trend Micro Safesync is an interesting twist on this idea. It recognises the fact that a user will often use a number of devices to access the internet, listen to music or view documents. It’s therefore designed to be accessed by a range of web-connected devices, including – most prominently – mobile phones and tablet PCs. It offers a secure online storage space that’s automatically updated with the latest versions of files (including access to previous versions of documents), and any new content that has been added to the shared folder.

Setup and access
Initial setup involves installing a local client on the computer you want to use to as the main host for files, and selecting which folders you want to share. A simple interface shows current status as well as a summary of accessible content, and a virtual drive is installed via the operating system to offer explorer-style access.

Secondly, a web interface allows you to remotely view these files online from any connected computer, as well as playing back media, viewing photos and downloading documents. It’s also possible to share files from the secure online drive via Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and LinkedIn. Shared links can be emailed to other people, and you can drag and drop files onto the interface outside of those included in the shared folders.

Finally, a free mobile application is available (though currently only for Android and Apple iOS) that allows you to view the files directly from a handheld devices, allowing fast access to this content on the move.

Smooth and secure operation
The system works very well, updating files quickly when new content is added and offering a range of ways in which you can share with other users. Having said that, it would also have been nice to see some sort of rudimentary address book or contacts list that could be used to save people to groups, so that you don’t have to post shared links individually – but perhaps we’ll see this with a later version of the software.

In addition to its core functionality, Trend Micro uses 256-bit AES encryption for file transfers to ensure that your data is kept safe; files can be recovered using a virtual recycle bin that stores deleted contents temporarily, and there are a range of storage capacities available from 20 to 100GB.

Considering the amount of data that’s being shared these days, as well as the increasing use of smartphones and tablets for such purposes, we think this is a great way to build on the growing popularity for sharing content via social media and other websites – and of course, it holds more practical application in securely accessing the latest versions of files for both businesses and consumers.

Company: Trend Micro

Contact: 01628 400500

  • Effective three-tiered approach makes the software fast, secure and easy to use.
  • Contact management could be better within web interface.


SafeSync is easy to use and offers a number of ways to make sharing fast, convenient, and enjoyable. It can offer significant benefit for both business and consumer users - and the secure encryption means that files can be shared without worrying that they have been intercepted by a third party.