Trine 2 review

Fantasy magic in a stunning looking sequel
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Until 2009, 2D platform games generally followed a tried and tested format (i.e. very predictable). This was all with a method of gameplay whereby the hero got from A to B, by jumping on or over objects, attacking villains and collecting objects along the way. This was until Trine arrived to present a new way of telling a fairy tale by using three switchable characters, in order to defeat baddies and solve tricky physics problems.

It was an immediate hit and Trine 2 now returns with much more of the same, only bigger and better. Amadeus the Wizard, Zoya the Thief and Pontius the Knight are once again brought together by the mysterious Trine artefact to prevent an evil threat. The completely revamped graphics mean the world they inhabit is gorgeously rich in colour, with a soft filter to create an even more ideal fantasy landscape.

New online co-op

In the solo campaign, each hero has an extra skill – Amadeus has telekinesis, Zoya a grapple and Pontius a warhammer – with further upgrades as you progress. Amadeus is the most useful, being able to conjure up to three crates, plus levitate objects and people. Zoya can use enhanced arrows (ice, fire, explosives) and Pontius performs shield bashes but if you decide to play with just one character, Amadeus is easily the most powerful.

The previous game could let you play in an offline 3-player co-op, but thankfully, Trine 2 adds online co-op so you don’t all have to crowd around one monitor. Having all three protagonists available onscreen and simultaneously, makes for a completely different experience as skills can be combined (e.g. levitating a goblin for arrow targeting) and thus extend the range of possible ways to complete a level.

Other new additions include redirecting water to make plants grow and become new platforms; redirecting steam jets; hitching rides on bubbles and bouncing on pumpkins. Collecting hard to reach orbs will provide hours of head-scratching moments and there’s plenty of humour to keep you entertained along the way. Once again Ari Pulkkinen provides the perfect music score to accompany the action.

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Company: Lace Mamba Global


  • Online co-op mode for three-player combos.
  • Pontius is by far the weakest link.


How do you improve on a first-time hit? Trine 2 manages it by creating beautiful graphics, new gameplay possibilities with online co-op, plus new upgrade powers and tricky puzzles.