TwinMos – BooM1 review

Cool iPod docking station
Photo of TwinMos – BooM1

Apart from revolutionizing how we listen to music on the move, the iPod has also been at the vanguard of a style earthquake that has seen cool white emerge as the new black. With your Mac laptop under one arm and your iPod earphones firmly installed, there’s only one element you still lack to be the peak in chic elegance* – a powerful yet portable sound system to share your 10,000 songs with your pals.

Cue a sudden expansion in the number of docking stations aimed at keeping you cool while stretching your eardrums. The latest from Taiwanese company TwinMOS is the BooM1, a speaker and sub-woofer set that looks like it was designed for some futuristic episode of Doctor Who.

The sub-woofer, for instance, which packs a meaty 25 watts, couldn’t be further removed from the conventionally boring square box. Instead it has a striking resemblance to a bleached version of the killer eggs at the beginning of “Alien”. It weighs a satisfying 2kg and is connected by a matching white cable to the speaker system.

This houses a 2.1-channel audio system with 8 watts per channel and is baguette-shaped, with the speakers flanking a central docking point from which the iPod stands proudly displayed. The power switch is discreetly found in the middle of the back and two touch-sensitive volume controls (which are the least impressive feature) are in the front below the docking station. The chances are you’ll simply use the supplied remote control for altering sound levels and choice of tracks as it’s much simpler to operate.

Don’t think that this is just for iPod owners. Although it’s principally targeted at your G3-G5, Mini, Shuffle and Nano aficionados, it can also be linked to other MP3 players, CD players and even mobile phones using Bluetooth and the 3.5mm stereo audio jack.

In addition, the box contains an RCA video cable that can be connected to the TV Video Out port at the rear to view photos or videos on TV that are stored on the relevant iPods.

The frequency response is 50Hz – 20KHz @ -3dB with a signal-to-noise ratio of greater than 80dB, which all adds up to a mighty rock-the-joint experience (certainly a lot more punchy than the promised “tender but powerful bass” and “crystal mids and highs”) which will appeal to your style-conscious friends who want to party.

Company: TwinMos

Contact: +31 20 585 7157

This is the perfect accessory for the iPod generations who want a fashionable matching accessory allied to a pounding bass and clear reproduction.