Veho 360 portable Bluetooth speaker review

Tiny but rugged wireless speaker for iPod and smartphones
Photo of Veho 360 portable Bluetooth speaker
£14 street price

MP3 players and smartphones such as the Apple iPhone are a great way to take your music with you – but what if you want to share it with others? The Veho 360 is a tiny speaker designed to let you play your favourite tunes out loud, but is still portable enough to carry in your pocket wherever you go.

And when we say small, we mean it. At just 50mm tall and 40mm in diameter, the 360 is not much bigger than an old-school 35mm film container – around the size of a large cotton reel. But for all its diminutive proportions, the 2.2W speaker produces a very agreeable sound – and even manages decent enough volumes in a normal-sized room.

Solidly constructed in rubberised metal, sound is output from a perforated metal grille on the top of the device that makes the Veho 360 look a little like a pepperpot. And while, as you’d expect, a device this small lacks bass compared to a full-sized speaker system, its mid-range and treble are crisp and punchy, without the sibilance and splashy treble that are the hallmark of many budget speakers.

Flexible connection
The mono speaker contains a built-in lithium ion battery that charges via a supplied USB cable for a claimed playtime of three hours, which it lived up to in our tests.

The 360 can be connected via a standard 3.5mm jack socket on its side using the cable supplied, but for more versatile wireless playback, users can switch the three-way slider on its base to connect via Bluetooth at distances of up to 15m, albeit with a slight reduction in battery life. A single LED in the side of 360 device glows red to indicate when it’s on, and flashes blue when the device is in Bluetooth pairing mode.

Company: Veho


  • Tiny size and rugged, understated contruction; great price.
  • Lacks a little bass.


Despite an RRP of £29.95, the Veho 360 is available online for as little as £14. Small but ruggedly built, it's an ideal accessory for smartphone users to pop in their pockets for a trip away.