Veho Pebble Mini review

Portable battery pack that can charge up your gadgets on the move
Photo of Veho Pebble Mini

Battery life can be the bane of many a device. Those long arduous train journeys can get a hell of a lot longer, and more tedious, if your iPod’s low battery warning manifests itself – and you realise that you forgot to charge it up, the previous night. All you’re left with, to keep yourself occupied for the rest of the journey, is the back of the chap opposite’s Telegraph newspaper to stare at and attempt to read.

The Pebble Mini provides a handy and compact solution to charging disasters, or indeed, as a reservoir of extra charge to prolonged bouts of hardware usage. The device is the size of a credit card, albeit a centimetre thicker. It weighs in at 80grams and will easily fit in a purse or pocket, whilst shipping with its own smart little neoprene carry pouch.

Charging capacity

In terms of capacity, the Pebble holds 3000mAh of juice – enough to charge an iPhone up fully, twice over. The Pebble itself is charged up by connecting it to a computer via a USB lead, and filling it to capacity doesn’t take too long.

Four interchangeable tips are provided by Veho, for plugging the Pebble into a variety of mobile devices. These include an iPhone/iPod tip, along with micro-USB and mini-USB tips that allow for compatibility with all major smartphone models, many digital cameras, camcorders and so forth.

Any device which has a USB connector built-in, for example, our trusty old Sony MP3 player, can be plugged directly into the Pebble’s USB port. This recharges far faster than plugging it into a computer’s USB port, and the Veho device detects when a connected device is fully charged, then switches itself off – guarding against over-charging.

Not every device is covered by the included four-tips. For example, we couldn’t use the Pebble Mini to power up our Nintendo 3DS. While you can hook it up fine to an iPad, it doesn’t have enough oomph to actually charge the tablet. That said, considering the asking price, there’s a good overall coverage of devices provided; the Mini is a smart little charging solution.

Company: Veho


  • Plenty of portable juice; charges up USB devices snappily.
  • Can’t deal with some hardware, such as the 3DS and iPad.


Veho has produced a compact and nifty charging solution that is compatible across a good range of smartphones, and other devices. While the RRP isn’t exactly cheap, if you hunt around on-line you can get the Pebble Mini for half the retail price, which is something of a steal.