Veho Pebble Pro review

The top of Veho’s charging device tree can even juice up laptops
Photo of Veho Pebble Pro

The Pebble Mini and Smartstick are the mainstays of Veho’s range of portable battery packs that can charge your devices on the go, but they’re far outstripped by their bigger brother. The Pebble Pro boasts 13,200mAh of charging power, but also a corresponding increase in price tag, naturally.

The Pro looks the same as the Mini, with the same smart textured rubber finish, although it’s considerably larger, measuring 15cm by 9cm and tipping the scales at 400 grams. However, the Pro is hardly massive and is still perfectly portable. The bigger battery capacity means it must be charged via a mains adapter, rather than a USB port.

The Pro comes with all the interchangeable connector tips bundled with the Smartstick. There’s one for Apple gadgets – the iPhone, iPod, and this bad boy also has enough juice to charge an iPad – plus mini and micro-USB tips, which cover a huge range of mobile phones and other devices. There are also dedicated Sony Ericsson and Nokia charging tips provided.

Laptop compatibility

As well as these, Veho has bundled ten notebook connectors that are designed to hook up and charge all manner of different laptops. Every major brand of notebook is covered, except for the MacBook. We tried the Pebble Pro with our Asus laptop, after we’d run the battery to empty and it charged the machine to full – in 90 minutes.

If you take the Pro out with you on a long journey, when your laptop battery runs dead, you should be able to get another full-charge out of it. Charging up our Asus unit didn’t nearly use all the power the Pro had stored, but of course the mileage will very much vary with the type of notebook used. Veho reckons you’ll get between two and five hours extra power out of the Pebble, which sounds like a reasonable estimation to us.

As with the Pebble Mini, the Pro will automatically shut down when a device has been fully charged. As the Pro has a USB port, which the Apple, mini and micro-USB tips run off, and a DC out which the notebook tips run off, you can actually connect both your smartphone and laptop at the same time and charge both, simultaneously.

Company: Veho


  • Can pretty much charge anything you throw at it, including notebooks and the iPad.
  • No MacBook support; pricey unless you shop around.


The Pro version of the Pebble can simultaneously charge up your smartphone and laptop, with a large array of connectors to cover, almost, every possibility. All major brands of notebook are compatible too, and the device can power up an iPad, but not a MacBook. The RRP is steep, but like the other Pebble charging packs, you can get this on-line for half that asking price – which represents much better value for money.