Veho Pebble Smartstick review

A 2200mAh dose of portable battery power in tube form
Photo of Veho Pebble Smartstick

This is the smallest in Veho’s range of portable power packs designed to juice up your gadgets such as smartphones, digital cameras, camcorders and so forth on the move. It’s 10g lighter than the Pebble Mini, and more compact, shaped like a tube. While smaller in terms of overall footprint, the Smartstick is thicker than the Pebble Mini.Veho produces the device in a range of colours – silver, black, purple and pink – all with the same battery capacity, 2200mAh. That’s a little less than the Mini’s 3000mAh’s worth of juice, and means the Smartstick only has the wherewithal to charge your iPhone up fully just the once (although you will have another half charge in the tank).

Extra connectors

The Smartstick also carries the same interchangeable connectors as the Mini, so there’s one to charge the iPhone and iPod, alongside both mini and micro-USB tips to encompass a large range of contemporary smartphones and other devices. However, the Smartstick comes with two extra tips over and above the Mini, one of which covers an array of Sony Ericsson devices, the other being a mini Nokia pin tip charger.

So that’s a number of extra devices covered there, but the downside is that unlike the Mini, the Smartstick doesn’t come with a built-in USB port, so you can’t plug any USB device directly in to charge it.

Obviously the Smartstick will be a better bet if you have a Sony Ericsson or Nokia phone, which requires the specific extra tips the package contains, otherwise the Mini is the superior choice in our eyes. Unless you really prefer the form factor of the tube over the Mini’s credit card shape, of course.

The Smartstick comes with a small grey sock as a carry case. Yes, you read that correctly; a small grey sock. The last grey sock we had was at primary school, and we weren’t particularly pleased to witness its return here.

Company: Veho


  • Good range of interchangeable tips.
  • Outclassed by its sibling charger, the Pebble Mini.


There’s nothing inherently wrong with the Pebble Smartstick, except perhaps for the strange sock of a carry case. But it’s outclassed by the Pebble Mini in terms of battery charge levels, and it lacks a USB port – plus it’s slightly more expensive to boot. While the Smartstick is a perfectly good device, the only real reason to choose it above the Mini is if you need the extra Sony Ericsson or Nokia charging tips. Or if you really prefer the tube form factor.