Veho SAEM Bluetooth Car Kit review

Hands-free, in-car bluetooth kit complete with motion sensor
Photo of Veho SAEM Bluetooth Car Kit

Veho is fond of its bluetooth gadgets, and here’s another one, this time an in-car hands-free kit that allows you to talk on your mobile while driving, without breaking the law. The unit is about 10mm thick and not that much bigger than a credit card, coming with a neat metal clip which firmly attaches the device to your car’s sun visor.

The SAEM charges via USB, but you won’t need to charge it very often, as the device lasts for around 30 hours of talk time, two months on standby and two years when in sleep mode.

One really nifty feature is that it utilises motion detection, meaning the SAEM will put itself into sleep mode when you’re not in the car, and turn itself on to standby automatically when you get back in. The motion sensor is very responsive, so you never have to bother with manually switching the device on, and it also automatically connects to your phone via bluetooth (in fact, it can pair simultaneously with two bluetooth devices).

When a call is incoming on your mobile, you simply press the central button on the unit to answer it, with your voice picked up by the SAEM’s microphone. Obviously there’s also a speaker, plus a volume button to ensure that you can hear who you’re talking with over the noise of the car. Sound clarity is decent enough, if occasionally a little crackly, but not to the extent that it bothered us. It isn’t advisable to turn the speaker volume up too far, though, as it starts to distort a bit.

At the other end of the conversation, we found we could hear the SAEM user pretty clearly, and had no problem from the ambient car noise. It does help if the user is facing the microphone, but the clipped location on the sun visor right in front of the driver is ideal in terms of positioning.

The central multi-function button has a number of uses, from answering to initiating calls. You can also instigate other actions such as holding it down to reject an incoming call, or pressing it twice in quick succession to redial the last number.

Company: Veho


  • Clever sleep mode; generally clear sound quality.
  • The occasional attack of the crackles, but nothing major.


The SAEM kit is easy to use and provides solid sound quality at both ends, albeit with a touch of crackle here and there. The motion detection and automatic pairing mean that this is a very convenient little gadget, too. You don’t have to worry about switching it on or off given the efficient and automatically activated sleep mode, not to mention the lengthy battery life.