Veho VEP-004 Bluetooth Wireless Headset review

Foldable Bluetooth wireless headset with embedded mic
Photo of Veho VEP-004 Bluetooth Wireless Headset

Veho’s Bluetooth headset is a neat looking, well-designed piece of hardware. It’s fashioned from black plastic, which is sturdy enough but also gives a bit of flex – when it comes to positioning them on your head. Both earphone cups can be raised, or lowered, via a simple sliding mechanism, where you can adjust them, to precisely fir over your ears.

The earphone cups are square-shaped, which is slightly odd, but they’re well-padded and comfortable enough for long-periods of wear. The headset also has a hidden integrated mic, so there’s no awkward microphone piece to worry about. On top of this, the aforementioned sliding mechanism is hinged. This means you can fold the earphones up, to make the VEP-004 more portable.

The headset has a built-in battery that is chargeable, via a USB port. It takes around two hours to charge up fully, and this gives you enough juice for approximately 10 hours of usage, or 250 hours of standby time.

Easy connection

Pairing the VEP-004 up with your phone is a simple matter of pressing the sole large, square button on the earphone and holding it for 8 seconds. The headset shows up under Bluetooth devices and you press okay to connect, then you are away. The caller can be heard clearly, and the embedded mic works well and makes you perfectly audible, to the other party.

Other Bluetooth devices can also be connected to the headset. We paired it up to our laptop and listened to some music, the sound quality is pretty good, with a robust level of volume and even a bit of bass. Not that much bass, but this Veho gadget definitely makes music listenable.

Music or call volume is controlled by pressing the top or bottom of the touch-sensitive square earphone button, a neat system that works well. Tracks can be skipped through, either backwards or forwards, by touching the left and right-hand sides of the button.

Company: Veho


  • Smart design; nice clear sound and a decent integrated mic.
  • The suggested price, just make sure you shop around online.

This Bluetooth headset is a cut above the rest, in terms of design. It’s also easy to use and boasts a good level of sound quality. While Veho’s suggested retail price gives pause for thought, like most of the company’s gadgets, this can be bought for half the money or less – which makes it an excellent buy.