Verbatim – 5 in 1 Store ‘n’ Go review

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Memory sticks are all the rage now, especially if you’re in a high-pressure profession, constantly on the go and wanting to keep a reasonably large amount of data with you at all times. The chances are you’re travelling with a lightweight laptop or notebook and need to keep in touch with base or other business partners, often visually.

In order to rise to this multimedia challenge, Verbatim has come up with a simple but effective multimedia solution – the 5 in 1 Store ‘n’ Go. Despite the naff American mall-style title, this is one of those handy pieces of hardware that’s easy to transport and will soon prove as essential as your house keys.

The five functions are: 128MB of data storage, video recorder, digital camera, Web-cam and voice recorder. The data storage is pretty straightforward; a simple plug-in to the USB port and you’re off and running. The digital camera has the capability of storing an astonishing 3,000 photos at 320 x 240 pixels and although you have to avoid strong contrasting light conditions (it has a fixed f2.8 lens) and the viewfinder is nothing more than a rough guide, the results are surprisingly decent.

The video recorder will give you up to 12 minutes of continuous footage (640 x 480 pixels at 30 frames per second) and again the quality is above average even allowing for the inevitable camera shake. The included eDVR Create software automatically converts the resulting STJ file into an ASF file that can be played back on Windows Media Player.

Verbatim has cleverly included a flexible USB lead for the Web-cam function, so that you don’t have to faff about trying to make the camera remain in a stable position. Compatible with common software like MSN Messenger and AIM, this allows no-worries Web conferencing. Video and audio streaming can also be carried out using the DirectCap application on the enclosed CD.

Finally, the voice recorder stretches to 112 minutes of recording time, which is more than enough for memos or the highlights of that long-winded meeting. As well as the flexible USB cable, the pack also includes a regular USB extension cable, a travelling pouch and the installation mini-CD.

The manual is included on the CD and gives clear instructions on how to use the ‘mode’ and ‘snap’ buttons to work through the different functions, which are indicated in the LCD display on the stick. Power is supplied to the rechargeable lithium battery through the computer you’re plugged into and the silver and blue styling to the casing will ensure you never lose your street cred.

Company: Verbatim

Contact: 01784 439 781

An ideal accessory to carry with you when on the road: quick to master, easy to use and light to carry. It's the computer equivalent of a Swiss army knife.