Vertus Bling! It review

Fix up your eBay photo adverts to better selling
Photo of Vertus Bling! It

Bling! It is a tool that’s designed to bring a bit of extra pizzazz to your pictures. This is particularly with regard images accompanying listings at the likes of eBay, where a shot taken in someone’s kitchen might not be the compelling sales tool that it’s intended to be.

Smarter image editing?
Bling! It, then, attempts to smarten up this type of image. It does so by first getting you to load up your picture of choice, to begin a four-step process. Step one is to delete the original background. This, as you might expect, works on an assumption that it’s an object for sale, and thus the background is easy to identify and delete. In most cases, this proved to be true. For a novice, it’s a very helpful feature.

Next, it’s Compose Picture, which allows you to add a logo, change the image size, choose a background or pan around it. The program does encourage you, at heart, to add a new, more interesting background. You can import one from a file, choose a solid colour, or add a pattern. This worked too – although the results tended to be middling.

Then it’s on to adding effects. You can apply shadow, sharpen the image, or highlight certain areas. If you’re thinking this is all sounding like a bit of PhotoShop has been sliced off, you’re pretty much in the right area.

Job done?
All done, and it’s off to the final image, which we found generally looked a little better, but was still left looking a bit amateurish. Bling! It certainly made it easy for us to improve images, but it never lifted them as high as we’d have liked. Its toolkit is arguably a little too limited for that.

Company: Vertus


  • Very easy to use... for what it does.
  • End results aren't brilliant.


Not bad, but there's not too much to it. If you're a regular eBayer with an aversion to graphics products, though, this might be your dream program.