Videotree Videospa review

Waterproof LCD TV for bathrooms and spas
Photo of Videotree Videospa

You have a TV in your living room, another in your home office and one in the bedroom, but you’re still in danger of missing important Dragon’s Den repeats while taking a bath or shower. What do you do? You sink a Videotree Videospa into the wall of your bathroom, of course.

The concept of the Videospa is simple enough; it’s an LED backlit, 19in TV (larger sizes are available), covered with a sheet of plate glass and supplied with a waterproof remote control. Basic power, channel switching and volume control can also be achieved through the glass, using touch controls. The power touch-button is surrounded by nifty little arcs of blue-red leds, which cycle when the set is turned on or off.

Look, no buttons!
Touching the screen is completely safe, even with soaking wet fingers, and the screen can be cleaned by wiping it down with a damp cloth. The remote has a membrane surface over its buttons, but is more splash-proof than waterproof – we wouldn’t advise you use it as a rubber duck.

The TV has Freeview built in, and a quick auto-tune is all the set up that’s required. If you also want to feed in HDMI, Scart, S-Video, Component or PC VGA signals, there are sockets for all of them, as well as for A/V and PC audio. Unlike a free-standing TV, all connections need to be made before installation.

The picture itself is well above average, with bright, vibrant colours and good levels of detail. The LED backlight provides smooth, even illumination across the panel, right into the corners of the screen. The viewing angles, both horizontal and vertical, are claimed to be 60 degrees, but we found we were losing true colours when off-beam by less than this.

Wall of wonder
The Videospa is supplied with a mounting frame not much smaller than its glass front, which has to be sunk into the wall. The TV itself is held in place with large hidden magnets, and a tube of silicon sealant is included in the box, to insure a waterproof installation.

It’s not quite clear what you do with the black block power supply the Videospa comes with, which presumably has to be kept dry, too. It has a standard kettle lead socket and a short low-voltage cable, so placement may be an issue. Then there’s an aerial and a waterproof speaker to be connected. All in all, quite a bit of installation.

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  • Quality TV for wet environments.
  • Setup maybe complex, depending on your installation.


If you need to fit a TV in a wet environment - bathroom or shower room - the Videospa is well placed to fit the bill. It's not an inexpensive choice, but it's well made and offers a good picture, a wide range of controls and flexible connection options. The glass front is both practical and good-looking.