ViewSonic – VP2330wb review

23-inch widescreen LCD monitor
Photo of ViewSonic – VP2330wb

It wasn’t so long ago that you could get gasps of amazement and envy from owning a 19-in TFT display. Nowadays the same monitor wouldn’t get a second glance: to impress people now you need something a bit bigger, and with prices continuing to fall on these big panels you could go for something like Viewsonic’s flagship VP2330wb, a 23-inch widescreen monitor and currently the company’s largest TFT – with an equally large price tag.

The VP2330wb has rather impressive native resolution of 1,920 x 1,200 pixels, an 8ms grey-to-grey response time, an 800:1 contrast ratio and 250c/m2 brightness.

However, Viewsonic hasn’t blessed the VP2330wb with much in the way of features. There are just two inputs – VGA and DVI (which supports HDCP over DVI) – and a 4-port USB 2.0 hub. Multimedia inputs and any form of audio port are conspicuous by their absence.

All four USB ports are located under the bottom of the monitor, which is a bit lazy on Viewsonic’s part; at least two of these would be much more useful mounted on the side of the bezel somewhere.

The whole unit has a feel of quality about it, though, with its ultra-thin design, and ergonomically there’s a good deal of adjustment. The screen can adjusted vertically between 410 and 545mm, it tilts too and the whole unit is mounted on a swivel base with 300 degrees of rotation, although that’s pretty academic since the horizontal viewing area is around 180 degrees. A nice plus point, if you are into writing or reviewing long documents, is the pivotal adjustment.

Surprisingly, the VP2330wb uses a power brick – and a big one at that – instead of being powered directly from the mains socket, so you’ve got a bit more desktop clutter to hide away.

Out of the box the VP2330wb comes with the contrast set at 70 percent and the brightnes at 100 percent, but these levels can be adjusted via the on-screen menu which, along with custom colour adjustments, has colour temperature adjustments too. But be warned: these are not particularly accurate, so you’re best advised to leave them alone and concentrate on the custom colour setup.

Once adjusted, the colour accuracy of the VP2330wb is good and the overall image quality is excellent, especially when it comes to games play and particularly for games that support widescreen resolutions. One good point is the brightness setting, which controls the backlight level without washing out the colour or the contrast.

It’s a shame, though, that Viewsonic didn’t add more features to the VP2330wb. There are quite a few better-featured monitors out there in this price range.

Company: ViewSonic

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The VP2330wb's excellent image quality can't hide the fact that this is an expensive monitor given the features it provides - or, to be more accurate, doesn't provide. To make it real value for money it is crying out for some form of video and audio input, at the very least.