ViewSonic VP2765-LED review

A solidly built, versatile AMVA monitor which is unsure of its audience
Photo of ViewSonic VP2765-LED

Buying a monitor for your PC is becoming an increasingly complicated affair, with an ever broadening range of screen technologies (TN, IPS, PVA, MVA) as well as vital factors such as contrast ratio, screen resolution, response time, screen size and of course, price. So, who will the ViewSonic VP2765-LED best appeal to – the full-on gamer, the pro CAD user or the daily grind small business user?

Well, let’s look at the physical properties first. The screen itself is a 16:9 27-inch widescreen LED backlit monitor, with a slim matt black fingerprint-proof bezel – which measures 25.3” x 15.4” x 2.6”. However, it comes with a massive triangular stand that measures 15.3″ at its widest, which not only ensures total stability but also ups the overall weight, to a hefty 8 Kg.

Multifunction stand

The stand is integral to the monitor’s purpose, as it enables the height to be adjusted by 5.3″. This is while being able to be swivelled up to 120 degrees, tilted -5°/+20° and even pivoted by 90°. You can also swap from landscape to portrait mode, to suit your work needs. Should you decide you need to wall-mount the screen or attach it to another stand (for, say, multi-monitoring) – then VESA mount holes drilled into the back of the unit, will be useful.

The central panel round the back reveals a DisplayPort, plus DVI and VGA inputs in additional to a USB uplink to your PC and two USB 2.0 inputs. A further two USB 2.0s sockets are located on the side, which should be more than enough to play-back material from memory sticks and external hard drives. One surprising omission though, is an HDMI port, bearing in mind that the native screen resolution is 1920 x 1080. This is where we return to the main question – who is this monitor targeted at?

Slow response

According to ViewSonic, the ideal customers are “photographers, designers, CAD/CAM engineers, and medical applications”. The use of Advanced MVA (Multi-Domain Vertical Alignment) technology means that you have excellent 178° viewing angles, with a decent brightness level of 300 cd/m². The 1920 x 1080 resolution is well below other professional displays for the CAD brigade, where perhaps only budget constraints would make potential buyers choose this option.

Similarly, the 25ms response time is much too slow for the serious gamer who is looking for at least 5ms, for a heavy duty FPS session without worries about ghosting and streaking. Photographers will probably benefit the most from the even colour contrast on the viewing angles and the strong black shades. Blu-ray movies look good too, but the screen would be better with an HDMI feed. Regular SMEs, on the other hand, will love the versatile stand, size and viewing angles but might baulk at the price.












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  • The ace swivelling, tilting, extending stand.
  • Screen resolution needs to be higher.


ViewSonic's VP2765-LED AVMA monitor has an excellent multifunctional stand and outstanding viewing angles, but its comparatively low screen resolution and slow response time may limit the range of professionals who would prefer that all.