Vogel’s RingO All-in-One Pack for iPad 2 review

Well made mounting system for the Apple iPad 2
Photo of Vogel’s RingO All-in-One Pack for iPad 2

So, you’ve got an iPad 2. Nice. Now you want to a mounting system, but you’d like a car mount, wall mount and stand for a table. Sounds like an expensive proposition. Not necessarily. The Vogel’s RingO All-in-One Pack for iPad 2 offers all three options in one package. And no, they’re no relation…

On the desk, and kept pristine
In addition to the triple-use mounting system you also get a protective screen cover – something you may have held off from buying, but which can be really useful if you want to protect your iPad 2′s display from scratches.

Vogel's RingO All-in-One Pack for iPad 2

The universal mounting system relies on a backplate for your iPad 2. Slot this into position and you’ll notice a large round notch in its centre. The table mount slots into this and has two ‘legs’. The taller leg holds your iPad 2 up in portrait position. Swivel the mount round and you can use the shorter leg to hold it in landscape position. The stance is a bit upright for our tastes, but it works well.

Wall mount
The wall mounting system involves first fixing a provided hocking system to your wall. This then slots into that same central notch in the middle of the backplate. You can swivel the iPad round for use in portrait or landscape modes. The fixing mechanism is a bit tight, but I guess that’s better than it being loose and you running the risk of your iPad dropping out of the mount.

Vogel's RingO All-in-One Pack for iPad 2

In the car
The car mount again makes use of the round notch in the backplate. This time, you fix two halves of a substantial and solid holder round the headrest mount of a seat, and then click the iPad 2 into place. As well as offering portrait and landscape swivelling, there is vertical swivel too, so you can get a good viewing angle.

Vogel's RingO All-in-One Pack for iPad 2

Company: Vogels

Website: http://store.apple.com/uk/product/H6416ZM/A/Vogels_RingO_All_in_One_Pack_for_iPad_2

  • A three-in-one solution at a reasonable price.
  • Table top stand a bit upright; fittings to backplate slightly fiddly.


Build quality of all three elements of this multipurpose iPad 2 mount is pretty good, and we found each of them easy to configure and use. The printed documentation is good enough to help with setup for those bits you can't work out for yourself.