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Build websites quickly and easily using an online interface
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£FREE to £30.60 a year for 10GB space

Building a professional-looking website is no longer solely the remit of web designers commanding high fees, and there are now a range of ways to create a site from scratch, with no technical knowledge, using predefined templates and easy to use software. WebEden specifically targets simplicity with its online-based product, which requires no install and can guide you through the process of building a site, registering a domain and getting it up and running in “under 30 minutes”.

Getting started is simple, and following a free registration at the main site you’re walked through the initial stages using a step-by-step wizard. This allows you to choose an initial style based on categories such as photography, shop, business or blog, and there’s a wide range of templates here to browse. You can then choose a free address at the WebEden domain, select a name and enter some descriptors for search engines if you wish.

Creating and editing your page
After you’ve done all this, a virtual site is launched in an editor window that allows you to change and edit text, images and formats, as well as uploading files such as images and incorporating any from a number of widgets that offer features such as audio/video playback, image tools and social media.

You can also add smart widgets such as a Google Search box, Google Maps, PayPal and Amazon, and pages can be managed individually along with access permissions and custom settings.

It’s possible to add services such as Google Analytics and AdSense, buy your own domain (prices vary, but expect to pay £10.99 per year or per two years depending on the domain extension) and you can view statistics on visitors, members and the amount of provided web space you have left for uploaded files.

How effective is it?
WebEden’s editor is generally very easy to use, and the majority of your site will be built by dragging and dropping required content onto the dummy page, realigning and resizing as required and then entering text as necessary.

The initial templates that pages are based on are generally very useful in terms of giving you a place to start – though we think that “30 minutes” claim, while possible, is extremely ambitious if you’re looking to prepare something you’d actually be happy to view online.

Thankfully the “View my site” feature, which effectively loads the page for live viewing on the WebEden domain, is an excellent way to preview what you’ve done and make sure everything works as it should.

Pricing for WebEden does vary, and since the free option only provides you with 20MB of online storage space, most will want to upgrade, with packages starting at £30.60 per year for 10GB.

What’s nice about this structure is that those who want to give web page creation a try can get a full site up and running for free, and ultimately decide whether it’s for them before they have to shell out any money.

Company: WebEden

Website: http://www.webeden.co.uk/

  • Wide range of templates and widgets to add modern convenience to web pages; easy to get started.
  • It'll take far longer than the stated 30 minutes to build something worth using.


WebEden is very easy way to get started with web design. It includes plenty of templates, widgets and control to build a great looking, modern web site with many of the bells and whistles you'd see on professionally designed pages. Though it will take quite some time to get something usable up and running - and there is a learning curve when it comes to getting used to the flexibility of the editor - it's a great way to approach building your first website.