Wolf King – Timber Wolf review

a great specialist gaming keyboard, less good for typing
Photo of Wolf King – Timber Wolf

Arriving in packaging that leaves you in little doubt that it’s a gaming keyboard we’re talking about here, those who seemingly make it past that barrier without noticing have no room for confusion when the Timber Wolf is removed from its box.

Because this USB keyboard (no PS2 adapter included) has quite a footprint, courtesy of the left-hand side of the unit that’s been designed very much with gamers in mind. You’ll need to clear a bit of desk space for it, that’s for certain.

Effectively what manufacturers Wolf King have done is create, in a circular shape, a gaming compartment to the keyboard, with keys corresponding to letters that prove popular when it comes to the controls of first-person shooters (although strategists will find it useful too). It makes for exceptionally comfortable gaming and was a real boon during our Bioshock session. We still died, of course.

There are 40 keys in all to this left-hand section, each boasting the comfortable ergonomic design that underpins the keyboard as a whole, and perfect for gaming with your left hand as the majority naturally do (although clearly this is a problem for those that don’t). In short, if the mission of the Timber Wolf is to provide a pretty much unmatched gaming keyboard, then you have to shake them warmly by the hand.

It is a unit with failings, though, as when you need a conventional keyboard it’s not quite so strong. Granted, the ergonomic design makes for comfortable working, but by the nature of the large gaming expansion on the left, the rest of the keyboard is comparably cramped. Throw in a half-sized Enter key and the lack of a software disc to allow you to program the media keys at the top of the unit, and there are some considerations in the negative column.

And yet we come back to the unit’s raison d’être, to provide a keyboard to genuinely enhanced PC gaming. This is a task that the Timber Wolf achieves with some ease, and one we found worked across a number of genres, from the aforementioned Bioshock right through to the likes of Command & Conquer. It’s a delight to use.

Surprising, its price tag is reasonably modest at £35, which for a gaming peripheral isn’t too shabby at all. And that’s how the Timber Wolf should be treated. Perhaps you’ll adopt the same strategy as us: unplug the unit when it comes to work, but reach for it as soon as recreation time begins. It’s a fiddly compromise, perhaps, but a worthwhile one.

Company: Wolf King

A terrific gaming keyboard, but an average conventional one. As part of a dual keyboard strategy though, it's a strong piece of kit.